Sometimes, when I am in class (during the break of course), I find myself thinking about all we have been through since we arrived here, at Glion London. We have not been here for long if you think about it, but in our minds, this place is already home.

Two months ago, I gathered up my previous life in a suitcase, 15kg to be precise (according to the Ryanair requirements), and flew away to London. I was pretty peaceful and confident about this new journey (to be honest I was actually terrified). Here I was starting a new life, away from family and friends, in another country. Then it all went really fast: I discovered the campus, a lot of new faces. We introduced ourselves to each other, had our first impression, first talks. By the end of the first week, friendships were already appearing. It is incredible how fast we bonded, considering our differences of culture and language.

Classes started, and amazing experienced teachers from Glion Switzerland introduced us to hospitality, making me realize I am right where I belong. And the intensity of homework and exams reinforced even more the cohesion within the group.

As for London, it is the ideal city in so many ways, except for the weather (I cannot deny that), but I guess we are getting used to it progressively. Apart from this, it is such a wonderful city in terms of culture, design and people. The school has given us the chance to discover London through various activities. We have been on a boat trip on the river Thames, been to musicals, restaurants, and visited a prestigious hotel, the Westbury.

I think we are lucky being such a small group in Glion London. We help and take care of each other, no-one is left behind. We are not lost in a crowd, but a solid multicultural community, reinforced by the same passion: hospitality.

Glion London is way more than just a hospitality school, it is a big multicultural family, where experiences and opportunities fluctuate, and you just have to ride them.


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