On Thursday 6th November GLION (Bulle campus) hosted a new event, TRAVITALITY, a 1-day meeting which was dedicated to food and nutrition in “out of home” (OOH) situations. This topic was chosen with the belief that increasing stakeholder engagement is necessary to fight the global epidemic of lifestyle-related conditions.

GLION as host for this exciting event wanted to create a neutral platform for dialogue, and brought together experts from the fields of public health, nutrition policy development, nutrition research, education, the food and nutrition industries and the hospitality sector.

Our knowledgeable guest speakers and panel members presented and discussed recent developments in the areas we had identified as being key:

Firstly – promoting healthy eating and active lifestyles in the global challenge to prevent Non-Communicable Diseases (NCD’s)

Global perspectives and progress , as well as the current facts and figures about NCD’s in Switzerland, were presented in order to set the scene. The successful use of social marketing to change behaviour was also presented and discussed.

Secondly – international initiatives to improve the “foodscape” through healthy choices food labels and innovations in OOH gastronomy.

The pioneering work of Choices International Foundation was presented . The foundation are working internationally to unify healthy eating logos for use by the food industry and the OOH environment.

Our OOH food environment has changed greatly during the last few years with the emergence of successful healthy eating work place and school restaurants such as those carrying the “Fourchette Verte” label. In addition, the ever-increasing need for consideration of foods for people with allergies and intolerances was also discussed.

Finally – We had the chance to interview two experienced chefs about various topics, but including their use of pure and natural ingredients of local origin. The sheer enjoyment and back to basics way of thinking of food was emphasised. In addition the increasing need to train and educate the young hospitality professional, not only in nutrition, but also in sustainability and matters of waste management was considered.

In addition to these lively sessions, other great highlights of this memorable day were the wonderful lunch buffet organised by the team of our executive chef, Patrice Didier which was inspired by the project work of S4 Nutrition students from 2014.1, and hosted by our talented post-graduates. We can also say that the creative “snack innovation ” posters from our current S4 students were very much appreciated by the participants.

A hearty thanks to all who contributed and participated in any way however small or large!

Best wishes
The TraVitality Team

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