STUDY LOCATION: 1984-87 (Glion campus), 2011-13 (online)
PROGRAM: Hotel and Service Industries Management
COMPANY: Hotel Ciputra Jakarta
JOB TITLE: General Manager

When it came to advancing his career, Michael Perdikaris twice turned to Glion – once for his undergraduate studies in the 1980s, and again in 2011 to complete a two-year MBA. Both programs helped Michael in achieving his aspirations, and he now manages Hotel Ciputra Jakarta.

Choosing hospitality

Michael, originally from Greece, opted to choose Glion after initially being “pushed” into hospitality by his mother. “She felt that my outlook on life and my personality would fit like a glove into this demanding and challenging profession,” he said. “It is a people-facing industry, one that requires tremendous personal sacrifice, long hours and lots of pressure. It’s also all about absorbing failure and transforming it into potential future success.”

I decided to study an online MBA, in order to enhance and broaden my professional horizons… At the time, I felt I needed something extra.

He elected to study Hotel and Service Industries Management. “I chose this program as I wanted to enhance my skills, as well as get out of my comfort zone,” he said. After graduating in 1987, Michael’s hospitality career began with a succession of hotel jobs in London. He then moved to Asia, working for Thai-based chain Amari Hotels & Resorts. “Over the course of my career, I have successfully opened three new hotels in Asia and Europe, all within international hotel groups,” Michael said. “This is something I take immense pride in.”

Returning to education, returning to Glion

However, in 2011, Michael felt it was time to advance his career further. “I decided to study an online MBA, in order to enhance and broaden my professional horizons,” he said. “At the time, I felt I needed something extra.” When it came to selecting an institution, Michael knew straight away where he’d be studying. “Glion is my educational sweetheart, so to speak,” he said. “It was obvious I would choose it again for my second educational journey.”

Does Michael feel the program helped his career progression? “Yes, big time,” he said. “Since then, I feel and see that I’ve become a better hotelier, business leader and thinker, alongside gaining solid analytical skills.” Michael is now General Manager of the Hotel Ciputra Jakarta, a four-star business hotel in Indonesia. “I feel blessed and privileged to be at the helm of this unique hotel,” he said.

Michael believes Glion gave him the skills he needed to succeed on two separate occasions. “Glion has helped me tremendously,” he said. “Not only in terms of my career path, but also in giving me a different perspective of the hotel industry.”

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