Glion Faculty and students were honoured to welcome Victor Yuan and his 9-strong delegation of entrepreneurs to its Swiss campuses last week.

In China, Victor Yuan has an enormous following. He is chairman and founder of Horizon Research Consultancy Group, the leading polling firm on government policy issues in China. For two years he was anchor on his own business talk show, ‘Brainstorm’ and he sits on the Laureate China Advisory Board.

On Monday 25 November, Glion faculty, staff and students welcomed him to the campus above Montreux and presented the school, its programs and its philosophy. Mr. Yuan had an opportunity also to visit the Bulle campus, to enjoy lunch in the newly inaugurated Academic Center and participate in the afternoon lecture session.

Then the real highlight of his visit: an opportunity for the students and staff to hear Yuan speak on ‘Designing New Service Innovations.’ A large number of students from all nationalities attended and actively participated in the subsequent Q&A session. Mr. Yuan lived up to his reputation; he was truly an engaging and inspiring speaker.

New Service Innovations is a pertinent topic for students of hospitality or event management at Glion.
These students will be embarking on careers in some of the fastest evolving industries that exist; they were privileged to be able to hear from one of the world’s leading entrepreneurs about the meaning of Service Innovation, and about business opportunities and youth leadership in the changing China.

And it seems that Glion was also able to offer Mr. Yuan something. In a letter to the trip organisers, Siyan Li of Laureate China, said that Mr. Yuan ‘enjoyed the campus tour a lot, especially seeing how we manage hands-on labs and provide the real experience for our students. Seeing is believing!’
Mr. Yuan also praised the caliber of the students. ‘The involvement of students was a great decision and the best experience. How our Chinese students handled themselves so professionally and different from the typical “90s” Chinese university students that we see back at home, is quite impressive.’

Mr. Li added: ‘it may be difficult for you to imagine how impressed the Chinese entrepreneurs were by our students. Some even started asking about having them to intern in their companies during the campus tour and in the car ride back they were also talking about how to best attract the students to join their entrepreneurship endeavors – would it be more appropriate to attract them by compensation package, experience, shared vision or maybe should offer some conditional shares and have them focused on geographic expansion projects..?’

Mr. Li ended the letter by saying: ‘Victor is an influential public opinion leader in China and has a strong passion for education, youth leadership and the education reform to produce employment-ready talent in China. It is nice to see that he believes the Laureate model is a good solution to solve the puzzle in China, with your help.’

Glion often talks about its close relationship with industry leaders worldwide. Victor Yuan, is one such global leader, and Glion is proud of its strong association with him.

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