Working at GIHE and living in Bulle one cannot escape the number of cranes and construction sites in the town. Its boundaries are being pushed further and further into the surrounding countryside, at times engulfing what were separate villages into a forever growing community. I am sure there must be a number of the local community who find that progress such as this is not welcome. However, those of us relatively new to Switzerland (such as myself and my family) see it merely as further developing the local community.

A significant part of this development has indeed been undertaken by GIHE. In the 5 years that I have been employed by GIHE and living in Bulle, the Institution has built and opened 2 ‘state of the art’ residential buildings in order to accommodate the ever growing student community of GIHE. This series of developments culminates in May this year with the completion of the new Academic centre. This building has been a constant point for discussion around the water cooler and coffee bar since my arrival and it has been fascinating to see it develop from starting life as a green sports field to a very deep hole and now to an impressive modern facility.

At the moment, it is still a ‘hard hat’ site but we are all looking forward to its official opening. I visited the building only yesterday prior to handover and I must say it is very impressive with a wonderful ambience even though there was quite frantic building activity. The centre will bring a welcome relief to the facilities on the Bulle campus creating teaching space, office facilities and most importantly, a social space for both students and faculty.

As someone with a background in Food & Beverage operations and management, at times I have been in awe of the achievements of the team on the Bulle campus who have been operating the F&B outlets designed for around 200 students, to meet the demands of what is now 855 students! I am sure that the improvement in the day to day student experience will be tangible once the academic centre is opened as well as the return to smiling faces of the F&B team operating in a wonderful environment with a window on their world by virtue of the semi-open kitchen! It will be fascinating to see how the building finds its identity and how the existing campus buildings adapt to the change.

All of us who have ‘moved home’ know that despite more space it is incredible how quickly you grow and fill it. I am sure that will be the case over the next few months, so the next question invariably is when does the Academic centre 2 start development start?…. a question that may have people throwing their head into their hands but after all, development comes with growth and success, something that we all wish for both GIHE and Bulle as a whole.

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