An MBA provides the tools that today’s hoteliers need to succeed and advance at a faster pace. Just as several decades ago, when undergraduate degrees in hospitality were the exception, those with the degree tended to advance faster.

Why? People are both the reason for and medium through which we provide hospitality. Forming, developing, and leading high-performance teams is a skill that is derived from a blend of both academic and real-life experiences. The academic environment matures our people and relationship skills in a relatively low risk environment. The multi-national and cultural campus environment enables us to learn social skills and appreciation of diverse cultures, essential lessons for a hotelier to learn as we host international guests and staff.

Why? We all need tools to perform our work, education provides us with the tools and the knowledge to craft the desired results. Apprenticeships used to be the way that hospitality we learned our craft, it was an effective way of learning a specialized skill. Education enables us to learn many skills better and faster.

Why? It is the need for speed. Today’s hotel companies operate at the speed of light, are larger, more complex, global and have a wider array of stakeholders to answer to, than in the past. Rising through the ranks in the traditional manner makes it more challenging to acquire the multiple skills, level of professionalism and financial expertise to lead and manage multi-brand, multi-unit organizations. Today’s communications require instantaneous 24/7 decisions and responses, the formal education provides us with tools to respond well, at the speed of light.

Why? It is about gaining the competitive edge. My own experience is that I started as a Kitchen apprentice, it was great fun, but I was too impatient to follow the traditional career path. I obtained my undergraduate degree and found that I was soon sprinting ahead my former colleagues on the career path. My competitors in the career race were just as smart, driven and competent, but I had learned more skills more quickly, particularly in accounting and finance, which are key skills that are best learned in an academic setting. Perhaps the greatest advantage of higher education is the development of thought processes to be able to question, reason, consider the options and calculate the risks quickly.

Why? Expanding our network of colleagues and friends never stops. Education enables us to quickly further expand our networks that are an important foundation to our careers. The MBA course provides the ultimate networking opportunity to know fellow leaders.

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