Have you ever thought of learning more about wine? In both Glion and Bulle campuses, extra wine courses are offered as an extra-curricular activity.

In Glion, students taking this course are introduced to the different grape varieties, the basics steps of wine making and the first approach to wine testing. While in Bulle, students go through an official certification by WSET (Wine & Spirit Education Trust), which is a more in-depth course that includes spirit tasting, fortified wines and so on. As an addition to the wine course, this semester the students were able to join a Champagne competition where the winner was invited for a weekend to the Champagne region in France. Linus Fredberg, campus life leader, and the champion of this competition, decided to give more precise information about the course and his recent trip to Champagne.

Q: ‘How was the course organized?’

A: ‘Very good! During the course I tasted 6 different Champagnes and I had to compare them to find and identify the specific characteristics of each grape, producer… Applying the theory learnt into practice.’

Q: ‘ How did the competition work?’

A: ‘At the end of the second session we were given a multiple-choice exam, testing our theoretical knowledge. From this test 5 out of 20 students proceeded to the next round, which was the actual Champagne tasting. I was given three different Champagnes I have never tasted before and I was asked to select in which order I wanted to taste them and lead the tasting in front of the jury (3 members of faculty). We were judged on our abilities to taste and describe the Champagne… and I won!’

Q: ‘So how was your trip to Champagne?’

A: ‘It was great! I met Jean-Marc Lallier-Deutz who is the last descendant of the Champagne Deutz house. He showed me around his winery and cellars, which were very impressive and later I was invited for lunch. After that, I met with other producers of bigger and smaller magnitude and I got lots of information and some bottles of Champagne. I can’t wait to go back and visit my new friends!’

Congratulations, once again, for your trip to Champagne!

We wish you all a very good day!

Alex & Linus

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