A group of Glion students received special recognition for their social media project: Weddings at Fairmont Le Montreux Palace. The prize is a complimentary dinner for 6 people at the seasonal venue (see the video): L’Après-Ski at the Montreux Christmas Market. There, the winners will enjoy a cheese fondue and one complimentary drink per person.

In August, Glion welcomed Grégory Laguesse, Marketing and Digital Media Manager of Fairmont Le Montreux Palace property, to launch a hospitality marketing challenge for the class Contemporary Issues in Marketing. Students were given background information about the hotel’s venues and activities, and they were asked to come up with a social media marketing plan for one of eight themes: Easter Holidays, the Yearly Summer Party, the Montreux Christmas Market, Funky Claude’s Bar, MP’s Bar & Grill, Sunday Brunch, Willow Stream Spa or Weddings.

The Winning Project “Social Media Campaign: Weddings at Fairmont Le Montreux Palace”

“On behalf of Fairmont Le Montreux Palace, I wish to thank you for all the heartfelt enthusiasm and support you have extended to our property with the work you have submitted last October, said Grégory Laguesse. “Your time, visit, and personal input brings tremendous value to our hotel and brand. Likewise, I hope this exercise has been fun and informative to you, and that it will be of good help in your future careers. After review of each of your projects, we wished to attribute special recognition to the following group, for identifying and answering some of the hotel’s most important and immediate needs: Caroline Aubry, Louise Blein, Raphaël Marchand, Sébastien Narbonne, Jules Rat, Jérémy De Jong.


Feedback on the presentations done by the BBA in Hospitality Management and ESE students

“From the moment we presented the project to the students at Glion Institute of Higher Education, I was amazed with their sense of ownership and initiative,” Grégory said, “Most of the groups even arranged for visits to the hotel and direct interviews with our Senior Management. Though the quality of the presentations does vary from group to group, it brings us a diversity of ideas and opinions which is interesting to us. The winning group has brought not only valuable ideas, but most importantly great research efforts and creative work. While we may not be able to use the video they have created due to copyright, it encourages us to create our own wedding video in 2017, which will be focused on Destination Wedding for the Indian market. Their research on Wedding influencers and bloggers, will also be a field for us to explore and activate digital reviews. Overall, they were able to pinpoint both creative ideas and resources that can be of direct consideration to Fairmont Le Montreux Palace.”

A student’s perspective on this applied hotel marketing project

Raphaël Marchand, a semester 7 student on the BBA in Hospitality Management with Marketing specialization track, was happy to share feedback about this experience:

How did your group’s project answer some of the hotel’s most important and immediate needs?

“From day one of the project, our goal was to create a campaign with a direct impact on the property. It takes a long time to build a reputation in the wedding industry, a reputation the FMP already created in the past, the challenge resided in understanding who will be interested in the property. Our research led us to understand that local people drive the wedding industry on the Riveria Vaudoise and not foreigners. After identifying, we decided to orientate the campaign with multiple distribution channels. Our campaign engages with Key Opinion Leaders in the fashion world in Switzerland, the bloggers. On the other side we create shareable content with our ad video with local nature settings and videos from weddings at the FMP, Swiss people can relate to the promotional video,” Raphaël said.

How did this project enhance your learning experience in your marketing class? What was the most challenging aspect?

“The experience is always different when it is a real life situation. It sets motivation higher, the possibility to engage with Mr Laguesse and work for a brick and mortar hotel highly motivate us and enhanced our global learning experience in the marketing class. The most challenging aspect was to identify our target. We would naturally think that foreigners are the primary market for the wedding industry in the Riviera but it was misleading, our efforts helped us to identify the actual target.”

How was this project like being a part of a real marketing team? Did you gain any insights into how a marketing department must collaborate and operate to achieve goals?

“It was like being in a real marketing team because to reach the common goal to make a successful hotel marketing project, or campaign, we divided the work into what are the actual parts of a marketing department, some in charge of identifying KOL and others in charge of the content creation.”

Congratulations to the students who participated in this project for the great team spirit and creativity they have shown. We hope to see you all at the Montreux Christmas Market and wish you a very happy end of the year with all your beloved ones!

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