As part of the Integrated Student Support program at Glion we offer noontime and evening workshops to students on topics as varied as The Power of Positive Thinking, Answering the Difficult Interview Questions, Breathing for Success and Nutrition. The Nutrition workshops are by far the most popular with students. These workshops are given by Ms. Lauriane Etienne, a certified nutritionist who also works in the Glion campus Academic Office.

Ms. Etienne’s nutrition workshops covers several topics such “Energy Boosting Foods”, “Detoxification”, “The Truth in the Food We Eat”, and “Getting Ready for Exams with the Help of Brain Boosting and Anti-Stress Foods”. Student feedback has been enthusiastic: “Ms. Etienne really knows what she is talking about and gives us simple but effective ways to change our eating habits.”
Ms. Etienne is passionate about sharing her knowledge about nutrition with Glion students: “There is an increasing interest and a growing awareness about nutrition. Students are curious and enjoy learning tips to improve their nutritional habits”.

She understands the importance of teaching good eating habits to students who often do not make the best nutritional choices for themselves. “Educating our students on healthy choices is vital in this fast-paced industry and for their well-being in general.”

Ms. Etienne always gives one of her Nutrition workshops during the Glion Health Week. It is vital that students understand the importance of looking after their physical and mental health and the Student Affairs department is committed to providing a fun and interactive Health Week every semester. Informational workshops and demonstrations on physical exercise, positive thinking, and healthy eating habits is just one more way Glion looks after their student body.

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