The big day has arrived, everyone is looking great at the graduation ceremony, but yet, you are not sure what to do next. First thing you should do is remain calm and don´t let yourself be influenced by your colleagues or college mates. Each person is different and most likely with a distinct future.

Graduating from college should never be seen or congratulated as the final step. Forget the word final and make it simply ´´a step´´. That does not mean you should get your degree and run to another (or the same) institution and register for a graduate degree course. If you decide to do so, wonderful. But on the other hand, if you decide to be adventurous and feel that you are ready to join the ´´big boy´s world´´, then think once, twice, three times, about who you are, what you like to do and where you see yourself in a few years. Academically or professionally speaking, the degree that you carry is an important milestone; however, allow yourself to build more knowledge and be open for new challenges.

According to the Higher Education Statistics Authorities, 89.9% of the people who carry a degree either obtain employment or go on to further studies, a reminder, that´s worldwide. Having graduated from a prestigious institution obviously is going to help all of us to avoid the missing percentage; therefore, all you have to do is focus and try to design your path.
The degree that you hold does not necessarily mean that you should stick to it or only foresee your life in the hospitality industry. We all know how wide this degree is and how far you can go with it.

With the international background gained in Glion, it will be particularly hard to focus on a geographical location; however, it is necessary. Choosing one country, or at least a continent, will help you with understanding the region´s culture and habits so you can build up a relationship and don´t make a fool of yourself at the interview.

Doing full research on the company background and portfolio is a crucial step to decide if you belong there, if that´s what you want to do, and most importantly, if your professional experience will grow there. Do not forget, the first person who will give you a job is yourself. First, you need to decide if you want to work for that company, than you apply and wait for their response; it´s a shared responsibility so to speak.

What I suggest is for you to build your own search strategy; I would personally avoid the ´´war game´´ where you send your curriculum to countless e-mail addresses and end up losing track of what you did or who you´ve contacted so far. One action that would help you a lot is simply creating spread sheet and listing your activities, this will allow you to track response time, next contact attempt and keep information such as names, phone numbers, e-mails, etc.

Choosing your first step after college is an important decision, due to the fact that it will most likely influence your career building and your work. It is a fact that the world has changed, and people don´t stay 30 or 40 years in the same company or job, it´s a much faster environment now, but deciding that you don´t like what you are doing after you´ve joined the company, can be frustrating and pretty time consuming.

If you have no idea of what to do, perhaps a good idea would be to look for a career counsellor or talk to friends of past semesters who have already joined the market and could provide you some real feedback of what´s like to work at hotels, events, restaurants, banks, etc.

Also, I cannot wrap up this topic without mentioning that I personally believe that everyone should do what they like and be truly open for new challenges. Sometimes, what you´ve planned is not necessarily the best option nor the smartest, give it some time and focus your interests. That was my case. I decided to go somewhere completely different than where I am now, I embraced the chance and made it happen and honestly, I could not be any happier regarding that matter.

The answer to this post´s title, only you will be able to answer. However, If I may share a little tip, don´t just look for jobs, they will pay your bills. Look for opportunities, they will build you a bright future.



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