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Why visit us in Switzerland?

Choosing a university is not a decision to be taken lightly – it’s a choice that will affect your life for years to come. Visiting a university will give you the chance to see the campuses, sample student life and get to know your potential future surroundings. There are plenty of opportunities to sample the Glion spirit, either through attending an Open Day or arranging an individual visit. Doing either will enable you to meet fellow prospective students, enjoy our stunning campuses, and gain insight from current students and faculty.

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What to see in Switzerland

Switzerland is a country with a rich heritage and a unique identity. From traditional, picturesque villages to modern cities, Switzerland boasts many locations that blend some of the world’s finest cultures together, a strong green ethos and breathtaking mountainous views. Here are just a select few of the locations you can enjoy in Switzerland:

Basel – Known as the cultural capital of Switzerland, Basel boasts an array of art galleries, museums and, in Art Basel, an international contemporary art fair.

Bern – The Swiss capital city mixes medieval houses and stunning neo-Renaissance buildings with state-of-the-art facilities, Bern recently became the world’s most Instagrammed place during the winter season.

Geneva – Public parks, smart boutiques, trendy restaurants and the beautiful Lake Geneva make Switzerland’s second-largest city an ideal place to visit. It is also home the European HQ of the UN and the International Red Cross committee.

Lausanne – Though it looks like a small city, Lausanne is a thriving metropolis. Containing a rich theater scene, unique museums and festivals and Michelin-starred restaurants, Lausanne also boasts a rich student population.

Lugano – Not far from Como and Bergamo, Lugano is a beautiful destination for outdoor activities, thanks to its stunning lake, green hills and mountain peaks.

Luzern – Surrounded by Lake Lucerne, the Rigi and Pilatus mountains, and straddling the Reuss River, it is no surprise that Luzern is one of Switzerland’s main tourist destinations.

Schaffhausen – Its location on the right bank of Rhine gives Schaffhausen a natural border with Germany. The Canton of Schaffhausen is home to several remarkable medieval cities and villages.

St Moritz – 300 days of sunshine every year make St Moritz a premiere tourist attraction, alongside its worldwide reputation as a winter sport resort, which has seen it twice hold the Winter Olympics.

Zermatt – One of Switzerland’s most famous resorts, thanks to the Matterhorn. The imitable Swiss icon is one of the country’s most famous landmarks, but Zermatt also offers plenty of leading restaurants, bars and shops.

Zurich – Ranked as one of the world’s top cities for quality of life, Zurich is Switzerland’s largest city and most important financial center.

Tips for a perfect visit

Know which Campus
Glion Institute of Higher Education has two campuses in Switzerland:

Glion Campus is where students of BBA in International Hospitality Business spend Semesters 1 of the Bachelor’s degree program. The students of MSc in International Hospitality Business can also spend a semester on this campus.

Bulle Campus is where students of BBA in International Hospitality Business also spend semesters 3, 4, 6 & 7. The students of MSc in International Hospitality Business can also spend a semester on this campus.

Please note that it is possible to visit both campuses during a personalized visit. However, if you are interested in an undergraduate course, you will be invited to the Glion campus first in order to see more of our hospitality management-specific courses. While there, you will also get to experience our Bulle campus without having to travel, thanks to our virtual tour and photo collection.

Pick the Best Dates
Our campuses are open most of the year, but we strongly advise you to visit during the periods when students are actively participating in classes on campus. For more information about the dates of the official academic school year – which includes mid-term breaks in spring and fall, and longer winter and summer and breaks – please see the Academic Catalog or contact us directly.

Time Your Visit Well
A typical visit to one campus will take around three-to-four hours. When you are visiting Glion campus, we recommend you arrive in the morning and stay for lunch. This timeframe will allow you the chance to really observe and immerse yourself in student life on campus. This will also enable to you to then spend the afternoon at Bulle campus, and enjoy a campus tour and a chance to observe afterschool activities. However, you are able to visit either campus at either time.

Take Time to Enjoy Switzerland
If you have to make a long journey to visit Glion, then why not stay a few days to explore Switzerland and the region? We can provide you with a list of our preferred hotel partners who offer special rates to our guests. Glion visitors also receive special rates for the taxis in Montreux and Bulle, and our receptions provide tourism information about regional attractions, local markets, events and public transportation.

Get Good Advice and Assistance
Fill in our form to book a visit and you will be contacted by one of our professional visit coordinators, who will provide you with the information and assistance that you need to plan your visit.

Food & Gastronomy

Switzerland is known for its exquisite local cuisine, as well as rich cheese fondue and smooth milk chocolate. Other popular dishes you’ll encounter are meringue dessert with double cream, gingerbread, polenta, and many varieties of sausage and dried meat. Switzerland is also notable for its vineyards, with a range of local wines available, as well as its impressive list of Michelin-starred restaurants.

Going out

Switzerland has a thriving cultural and nightlife scene. Whether you want a night of acclaimed theater, a Michelin-starred restaurant, a trendy bar or a popular nightclub, there are plenty of options on offer. Switzerland also hosts a number of festivals throughout the year, starting in early spring with specialized music festivals and continuing until winter.

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