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London is an exciting global hub of tourism and business, and Glion’s campus will give you a safe, yet dynamic university community base for student life. This page answers some Frequently Asked Questions about student life in London and the Glion London campus.

What is the weather like?

London is well known for its changeable climate that mixes sunshine, cloudy skies, rain and even snow throughout the four seasons. The average temperature in London is usually higher than the average temperature for the rest of England. In the winter months, from December to February, the temperatures range from 10°C to –3°C and it snows occasionally. In spring and autumn, the average temperatures are between 10°C and 20°C. The summer brings the warmest months, with average temperatures of 20°C to 25°C.
For daily weather reports: BBC Weather

How safe is London?

London is a relatively safe city when compared to other major world cities. Violent crime is not as prevalent in London as it is in other large cities, mainly due to a lack of firearms, and low violent crime rate. As with all big cities, a few safety precautions can greatly reduce any risk of theft. For tips on safe travelling in London: VisitLondon.com
Glion London at The University of Roehampton has a 24 hour Security Service which works in collaboration with the local police and campus administration to provide students and staff with a safe and secure environment. At Whitelands College access via the main gate is by security card only, as well as the accommodation buildings. A campus warden is on-site to ensure safety and security of students.

How can I experience life in London?

Student Services at Glion London will assist students with organizing a series of unique London activities and experiences each semester – giving you the chance to explore and enjoy London! This will be available to all Glion London students and offers the opportunity for students to get to know one another and experience what London has to offer. For example you could see a premier league football match, a show or music event.
For more examples of things to do in London and the UK, see Studying in London, UK.

Where can I eat?

The Glion London campus hosts a wide variety of food outlets including cafés, restaurants, bakeries and stores. The Froebel College, for example, includes a canteen offering food throughout the day including Breakfast, a Traditional Lunch Menu, Salad Bar and Noshi Noodles. Grab&Go Sandwiches and Snacks are also available. The Hive is a sustainable café on the Roehampton University campus (5 to 10 minute walk from Downshire) that offers some nice lunch options. For a complete list of food outlets visit: www.dineoncampus.co.uk

What kind of sports can I enjoy at Glion London?

Being a Glion London student means you have a choice of a wide range of sports clubs and recreational activities. Plus, the ROEActive fitness center membership is available at a reasonable price.

Sport clubs active on campus

Rugby Union
Table Tennis
Tag rugby
Ultimate Frisbee
Recreational sports:
5-a-side Football
Dance Exercise
Table Tennis

How should I get around on campus and in London? Will I need a car?

Car parking is not available during the week and the accommodation, restaurants, stores, sports facilities and libraries are within walking distance on campus; plus the campus itself is well serviced by public transportation.

How do I get to central London?

London has one of the best public transport systems in the world! With a public transport pass (called an Oyster Card) students can use buses, tube and trains to get around London. London also has a bike hire system, car share (ZipCar) or black cabs are readily available.

The quickest way to central London is by train and Barnes station is a 15 minutes walk from campus, or a short bus ride – catch the 72 or 265 bus to the station. If you wish to catch the tube the nearest stations are Hammersmith, East Putney and Putney Bridge.
Six bus routes serve the campus to/from Hammersmith, Acton, Putney, Victoria and South Kensington making it an easy and convenient way to travel. See the London Public Transport website.

Where will I live on campus?

Glion London students will be lodged in the Chadwick and Whitelands College student accommodation buildings. All rooms are single rooms with a private bathroom. Students have access to common kitchens that are shared between 10 rooms.
Take the Virtual Tour to learn more about the campus.

What learning resources are available to me?

The campus library contains extensive selections of material relevant to your degree program. The librarians are available to help you in your search for books and information.

Weekly newspapers, magazines, fiction and DVD’s are also available and you have access to the Internet and specific electronic databases to help find further information for your research. A Student ID card is required to borrow material from the library.
Glion students also have access to two dedicated state of the art Learning Resource Centres: above Manresa Hall on the Whitelands Campus and on the fourth floor of the library on the main campus.

How much money will I need?

Lodging and text books are covered under your school fees (see Tuition Fees). You will need to budget for expenses such as meals, dry-cleaning, laundry cards, toiletries, phone cards, transportation, and entertainment outside of the school. We suggest a minimum of CHF 650 (GBP 450).- a month to cover extra-curricular activities and needs.

How does Glion interact with the University of Roehampton?

Glion London is a branch campus of Glion Institute of Higher Education in Switzerland, and as such it aims to provide students with the same quality of student life with activities that support the hospitality curriculum and enhance the global student experience. Additionally, the students of Glion Campus will have access to the facilities, student services, clubs and activities of the University of Roehampton.