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Committees & Clubs


Student Government Association


Elected by students, for students, the Student Government Association (SGA) is the student’s voice at Glion and the connection to the academic department.The SGA promotes the Glion Spirit and works to improve on-campus life for students, while coordinating events throughout the semester.

Glion Networking Committee


The Glion Networking Committee (GNC) brings major industry players from varied backgrounds on-campus to share their experiences and support students in starting their own business.Such leaders include the former WorldWide Vice President of L’Oréal and Chanel’s President of Fashion.

Glion Charity Committee


Each semester a charity partner is chosen by students and the Glion Charity Committee (GCC) works to raise funds and awareness on- and off-campus.Organizing volunteering and innovative events is a major part of the GCC’s responsibilities, with the hard work culminating in the Glion Charity Gala.

Glion Entrepreneurship Committee


The main goal of the Glion Entrepreneurship Committee (GEC) is to help students build their own company from scratch, providing them with the tools to succeed in hospitality and beyond. Events and visits from industry leaders give students real-world experience and invaluable advice.

Wine Committee Glion


The Wine Committee Glion (WCG) provides students with valuable additional knowledge about the food and beverage field, especially on the art of oenology and wine making.Their events and networking sessions bring professionals of the field on campus to share industry knowledge.

Glion GradCom

One of the most active committees on campus, the Glion Graduation Committee (GradCom) arrange weekly events centered on the Glion Spirit and designed to bring students together.A major responsibility is fundraising for the Graduation Gala Dinner with the help of students and volunteers.

Glion Green Committee


The mission of the Glion Green Committee (GGC) is to raise environmental awareness and encourage sustainable practices.They achieve this through innovative events both on Glion campuses and in the local community, including volunteer cleanup days, educational workshops and guest speakers.

Glion Sport

The Glion Sport Committee brings students together from both Bulle and Glion for sporting events.It is their responsibility to promote the playing and supporting of sports across all Glion campuses, championing the Glion Spirit and creating the best teams amongst all Swiss hospitality schools.

The Arts Committee Glion


The Arts Committee Glion (ACG) provides a platform to celebrate the creative talent of students across all campuses, through the Arts and Photos Studios.In addition, it supports other committees and faculty in delivering innovative and engaging events through audio-visual and creative expertise.

Wine Club London

Wine Club London promotes the enjoyment and appreciation of wine through tastings, food pairing and events with guest speakers.Developing students’ understanding and knowledge of wine is the aim, achieved through visits to the kitchens and wine cellars of top hospitality venues in London.

Culinary Committee

The Culinary Committee exists to broaden students experiences of various food and beverage experiences in London. From selecting ingredients to creating menus, the group educates through events, industry guests, restaurant visits and networking sessions that provide culinary experiences.

Clubs at the University of


Students in London can also join the many clubs created by the University of Roehampton.You can learn about them here: https://www.roehamptonstudent.com/activities/ societies/