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With 13,600 graduates in over 150 countries, our global alumni network is one of hospitality’s largest and most active. Read some of our alumni success stories, connect with old classmates online and discover the exciting job roles our graduates currently have.

Hospitality industries & careers

Hospitality is one of the world’s fastest-growing industries. We have a range of connections with leading organizations, ensuring you’ll receive key insight and career opportunities. Click here and find out the career paths you could follow, as well as key recruitment information.

Recruit our students and testimonials

Our students and graduates are always in demand with employers, thanks to their experience on internships, hands-on education and cutting-edge industry exposure. Register as an employer or find out about recruiting on campus.

Internship career development

Internships are a vital part of every program we offer. We ensure you choose the right internship for you, enabling you to work in stunning locations in a range of departments. Find out which leading companies we have connections with, as well as how internships can benefit your future career prospects.