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A powerful international network

The Glion Spirit Lasts Forever

After graduation, and for the rest of your life, you will remain connected to an influential global network of industry professionals and entrepreneurs. You will have privileged access to new positions and career opportunities from our alumni who choose Glion first when recruiting new talent and partnerships. The Alumni Association of Glion is a valuable resource with a website and app that features hundreds of job postings. It also sends regular newsletters and invitations to the General Assembly and other events in the regional alumni chapters.

Success Stories

Find out what made Glion more than just a university for these talented students.

“We might all come from different backgrounds, with different traditions and different religions, but over the past few years, we all became part of the Glion family. A family that got us through the challenges and a family that will stay with us for the rest of our lives.”

Ricardo Marques Cabral de Amorim
BBA in International Hospitality Business
Graduated in 2017

“Glion is so open-minded and really international, and it gives you the opprotunity to meet so many people from different backgrounds and cultures. It is also recognizing the fact that hospitality sector is one of the biggest employers in the world.”

Astrid Van Autryve
BBA in International Hospitality Business
Graduated in 2017

“The wonderful thing about being at Glion and having that learning experience is not just the soft skills and techniques and tools that you learn, but also the great friends that you make while you are there. It is a wonderful network that really helps going forward in the industry.”

Benjamin Dalton
Master in International Hospitality Business
Graduated in 2010

“I take my role as a Glion alumna very seriously and think it’s important to be a role model and show recognition to the school for how much we’ve learned. For this reason, every six months I hire three lobby interns from Glion for a first internship and they love it because it’s an eyeopening experience of what hospitality life is really like.”

Anastasia Schneider
BBA in International Hospitality Business
Graduated in 2009

“Glion has taught me many things. Having studied in Glion gives you a business card. Glion network helps you very much in the beginning of your career, especially when you need to find a job.”

Lucile Falguieres
BBA in International Hospitality Business
Graduated in 2005

“When you’ve been to Glion, the part of your heart has Glion in there and you are always pleased, happy and motivated by recruiting students who come from Glion.”

Anthony Torkington
BBA in International Hospitality Business
Graduated in 1994

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