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Find the right profile

Since 1962, Glion has provided work-ready interns and young professionals to the most prestigious companies within the Hospitality and Events industries. Our partners particularly appreciate our students’ and graduates’ professionalism, hands-on experience and soft skills. We can help you to find the ideal candidate for intern, entry-level and manager positions within all relevant fields (e.g. Hotel Industry, Event Management, Luxury Brand Management). Register now as an employer on our Recruitment Portal.

Recruit on campus

Every semester, we welcome nearly 100 companies across our three campuses for recruitment visits. Plus, we hold official Recruitment Days. During a recruitment visit, you can have the opportunity to present your company and hold live interviews on site to find the best candidate for your business. Our Internship & Career Department will be happy to answer your questions.

For further inquiries, you may contact:

Ms. Jacquie Lutz
Internship & Career Department
E. jacquie.lutz@glion.edu
T. +41 (0)26 919 78 33


“I think the best quality that Glion students bring to the internship program are an understanding of what hospitality is and an interest in that field. There are often very professional, very well traveled and can conduct themselves in very professional manner when we are working with clients and have clients meeting.  So, just very well rounded student sthat we really are able to put in front of different clients and we know that we can get really great work from Glion students.”


Director of Marketing, BMF Media, NYC, USA

“We recruit Glion students for two reasons: the calibre of their courses and the calibre of their students. The school has a great reputation in Switzerland and around the world for attracting the top students. And, when there, the education they receive is very well suited to the industry, in particular, in our opinion, to the luxury industry.”


Director of Human Resources, The Ritz Carlton − Dubai, UAE

“We have visited Glion for many years and what we have is the opportunity to see very different types of students from all over the world. That gives us the opportunity to incorporate these different profiles in our company, which gives diversity to our customers. The preparation of the students is another important aspect and the fact that the school reinforces similar values to those that we have in the company gives us the guarantee that the students already have the genuine approach that we offer to our customers.”


HR Director, Hotel Arts Barcelona, Ritz-Carlton

“About Glion students, Sophie Havet from Alain Ducasse said: “I appreciate their interest, their interest for the industry, for the gastronomy part too. I’m interested in their knowledge about the industry and their competencies are, I think are a little bit better because they know the operational problematic of our industry.”


HR Officer, Alain Ducasse

“I recruit from Glion because I’m a Glion alumni myself, so I know the level of training the students have had. They are more hands on than other graduates – better schooled in the practical skills – and more open and social too.”


Head of Production, Amber Lounge - Monaco