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Hotel Market Analysis and Valuation

Whether you are a hotel manager, owner, investor, operator or asset manager, the concept of hotel market analysis and valuation will undoubtedly feature on your professional radar at some point.

Hotel companies, owners and lenders are looking for talent that can assemble market data, run the software models and determine whether a market will support a proposed hotel.

This course is designed to give you the tools and knowledge required to be an important part of the development team.

2 weeks

5 hours / week

CHF 400

Course Objectives

Apply the method and various procedures for gathering, analysing and processing data into a comprehensive market study.

Analyse hotel financial statements and compare a hotel’s financial performance with other hotels.

Estimate the value of all types of hotels using Hotel Valuation Software, in order to do deliver a financial projection and Hotel valuation.

Learning outcomes

Performing hotel market studies.

Develop a supportable estimate of operating performance and value by utilizing Hotel Valuation Software.

Provide financial forecasts.

Analyse income approach valuations.

Participant profiles

Managers and professionals with financial or operational responsibility of hotel real estate, investments, financing, or asset management including asset managers and portfolio managers.

Hotel owners, investors and operators, general manager, bankers, or anyone interested in understanding hotel development or financial plans.

Prerequisites: Some proficiency with Excel will be helpful. Some principles of finance are preferred but not required.

Meet the faculty

Steve Rushmore

Steve is the founder of HVS- a global hotel consulting organisation with offices around the world.

After creating HVS almost 40 years ago, he discovered there wasn’t any off-the-shelf software that could handle the complex calculations required to develop a hotel market analysis and valuation. He therefore had to build the computer models himself. Over the years HVS has fine-tuned the software to enhance its capabilities.

Steve frequently lectures on hotel trends at both the undergraduate and graduate level, and prior to developing this course with Glion, he has spoken at Lausanne, Houston, IMHI and the Cornell hotel schools as well as the Harvard Business School.

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