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Revenue Management: The Strategy and Tactics of Hotel Room Pricing

Designed to help managers understand how to use price to maximize room revenue, this course will provide you with benchmarking tools and techniques you can use to accurately price rooms.

You will learn the basic underlying concepts of room pricing and discover how these concepts can be used to maximize profit in revenue streams across the business.

Take this course to grow your understanding of how perceived value influences pricing decisions.

2 weeks

6 hours / week

CHF 400

Course Objectives

Conduct a value assessment for your property and establish a realistic price positioning strategy for your hotel.

Learn about how to set prices and use price fences to distinguish one rate from another.

Learn about the key elements of a successful long-term pricing strategy and when to leverage tactical pricing for a short-term, immediate revenue impact.

Learning outcomes

Use price to manage supply and demand.

Apply the different approaches that a hotel can use to price room inventory.

Analyze a hotel’s competitive position.

Use rate fences in rooms inventory pricing.

Differentiate between pricing strategy and tactical pricing.

Participant profiles

Mid managers, hotel managers, front office managers, operating in 50+ rooms hotels who have had limited exposure to the practice of Revenue Management.

Meet the faculty

Dr. Breffni Noone

Dr. Breffni Noone is an Associate Professor at the Pennsylvania State University School of Hospitality Management and holds a Ph.D. in Revenue Management from Cornell University and an M.B.S. from Dublin City University. An award-winning teacher, she has taught courses in operations management and revenue management at both undergraduate and graduate levels.

Prior to entering academia, Dr. Noone held various operations and management positions in the hospitality industry in Europe and has been involved in a number of European Union funded initiatives for the development of revenue management training programs for hospitality managers.

She currently serves on the HSMAI Revenue Management Advisory Board for the Americas.

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