Our Researcher:

Dr. Felicetta Iovino



Dr. Felicetta Iovino (MSc, MA, PGCE, PhD) is a visiting researcher at QMUL and an Instructor at University of London, Worldwide and at other universities in the UK and Africa. She is a member of the editorial boards and a reviewer of many international journals and conferences. She has published papers in many international journals and conference proceedings. She is a member of many academic associations. She has many years of teaching experience at undergraduate and postgraduate level. She is also a Master and Doctoral Supervisor. Her main research interests are: energy markets and energy policy, financial performance, public services, accounting and business. She is an active member in many international academic associations, such as BAFA, IAEE and Academy of Management Association

Research Project: Profitability structure of some luxury companies during COVID19 crisis (ten year analysis)


Luxury companies have a strategic role in the economy of every country in particular in Italy and France and Danimark. The aim of this paper is the analysis of the performance of some luxury companies, that is fur packaging companies during and after the period of the COVID19 crisis (2020-2021) . In this way we may understand if the profitability structure has been affected by this crisis. To this end, we aim to use some secondary data from an international database related to Italian and French/Danish tourist companies. The profitability of these companies has been analyzed using the some of the main profitability ratios. These data will be analysed using quantitative methods for the period 2014-2022 (ten year period).
The findings of the study have significant policy and management implications for the policy makers and regulators of tourism companies as well as the managers of these companies.

Nevertheless, these findings may be used also for other types of businesses, for example tourism companies.
In fact, these findings show how much resiliant these companies are. This study wants to focus on the ability of the main fur companies to resist to the stimulus of the Covid19 crisis (2020-2022), measuring their profitability over the time, comparing it also with reference to the different areas of the two/three countries. It is well known, in fact, that Italy has notable territorial imbalances due also to previous historical events: North is notoriously richer than Southern regions. We have also to consider that the luxury, and in particular fur companies offer evolves all over the globe, especially because developing countries such as China and Russia, offer, increasingly products that are popular especially, because they are low-cost.