Our Researcher:

Dr. Jinju Heo



Dr. Jinju Heo is a globally recognized academic and professional, specializing in luxury brand management, innovation, and sustainability. Currently, she serves as a member of faculty and research fellow at the prestigious Glion Institute of Higher Education in Switzerland. She equally holds aposition of Visiting Professor at Solbridge International School of Business in South Korea and at International University of Monaco. Her academic affiliations also extend to several esteemed French business schools,where she imparts knowledge on future narratives, personas, luxury innovation, and circular economy business models, where she serves as Senior Research Fellow at the Circular Economy Research Center at Ecole des Ponts Paris Tech, her own doctoral alma mater.

Beyond academia, Jinju’s professional experience is equally rich. She has held a pivotal role as a Sustainable Innovation Advisor at CHANEL, engaging with various projects across the luxury brand’s operations. Her work coupled with her extensive involvement in significant projects focused on innovative approaches to build sustainable future in the luxury industry has enabled her to develop prototypes for various sustainable innovation projects including ESG performance assessment within the luxury sector for high-profile clients.

Jinju’s research interests lie at the intersection of sustainability and the luxury industry. She has authored insightful chapters on innovation for Routledge and conducted comprehensive case studies, including an examination of a partnership between a luxury company and a technology firm. Her research also encompasses an integrated literature review on circular business models and an exploration of the luxury sector’s engagement with the metaverse.

With a keen interest in the social aspects of technology, Jinju explores topics such as consumer behavior, luxury branding, identity, and personal preferences. Her work, both academic and professional, reflects her commitment to integrating sustainability and innovation within the luxury sector. Jinju Heo’s diverse experience and comprehensive knowledge make her a leading voice in her field.

Research Project: Adopting an Innovative Circular Business Model in the Luxury Industry


This integrated literature review paper investigates the implementation and impact of the circular economy in the luxury fashion industry. Synthesizing existing research, the study will explore how circular economy principles are being adopted by luxury fashion brands together with the compatibility between sustainability and luxury. Through a comprehensive analysis of scholarly articles and industry reports, the paper aims to unveil patterns, challenges, and opportunities associated with circularity in the luxury fashion sector. By examining the interplay between sustainability and luxury, this research seeks to provide a nuanced understanding of the evolving landscape, offering valuable insights for academics, practitioners, and policymakers interested in fostering a more circular and sustainable future for high-end fashion. The integration of diverse perspectives will contribute to a holistic overview, facilitating a deeper comprehension of the circular economy’s role in reshaping practices and values within the luxury fashion domain.