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Information for Parents & Sponsors

Glion is more than just a hospitality school, offering more than just a degree. It is a place where students share a unique experience and develop the ‘Glion Spirit’, a sense of ambition and competition, diversity and unity, familiarity and professionalism, hard work and fun. It starts on campus, where students from nearly 96 countries live and learn together.

As the parent or sponsor of a Glion student, you are a valued member of the Glion community and we recognize that your support is essential to your student’s success.

We have gathered some FAQs we normally receive:

Why should we choose Glion?

We provide cutting-edge education in hospitality management, where students can learn the skills the hospitality industry is looking for. Whether you want to set up a company, run a five-star hotel, lead a luxury brand or manage a resort, our programmes will help you gain the expertise that today’s employers seek. With the Glion name on your CV, and the support and interest of fellow Glion alumni, your options will be endless.

What happens during the first week on campus?

Week one of the semester is induction week. During this time, you will take care of any accounting issues, missing documents, register for courses and receive your room keys. It is also an opportunity to discover the campus and meet faculty, fellow students and roommates.

What's the passing grade for each course?

We mark out of 100 per cent, with 50 per cent being the passing grade for each course. Please see the Academic Catalogue for details on the grading system.

How do I know if my daughter / son has passed the semester?

You will receive notification of your grades at the end of each semester, so they can inform you directly. Please refer to the Academic Catalogue for the regulations concerning progression.

How do you provide career development for students?

At Glion, we ensure you are prepared for leadership positions in the world’s top companies. Our Career and Internship team acts as personal career counsellors and maintain high-quality industry relations, making sure you receive the very best career opportunities from the beginning. They do this through intensive CV support and interview preparation, as well as maintaining an online database of internship, management training and employment offers.

What if the student wants to change programmes or programme sequence?

The student should contact the Academic Office on campus if they have questions about changing their programme. The Academic Catalogue contains the lists of policies and procedures.

Can we talk to you about my daughter's / son's academic progress and general situation without them being involved?

No. Due to legal reasons, we cannot do this unless under exceptional circumstances and only with your explicit permission and involvement. We expect you to start taking responsibility for their own actions and therefore it is they who should contact the relevant person at Glion for help and advice and then inform you of the outcome.

What do we do if we need the student to return home for family matters?

You are required to abide by the absence policy as outlined in the Academic Catalogue. They should manage these requests within the allocated allowances per course and avoid missing assessments and exams whenever possible.

Any significant period of absence should be organised in consultation with Student Affairs.

What is the admissions process like?


Who recruits from the campus?

Over 150 top global businesses visit our campus each year, providing our students with key insight and valuable networking opportunities. Our Bachelor’s programme sees you embark on two professional internships, honing your skills in real-life situations at some of the world’s finest hospitality organisations. All of this results in 89 per cent of our students having a job or multiple employment offers on Graduation Day.


Can we visit the campus?

If you are interested in studying at Glion, we are able to offer private visits of our campuses in Switzerland and London. Our private visits ensure you get a first-hand look at our stunning campuses, experience student life and sample the Glion spirit. Please contact our team and we will get in touch as soon as possible.

If you don’t find what you’re looking for on this page, please do not hesitate to contact us directly by filling in the form below. Our team will respond to your enquiries as soon as possible.

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