Postgraduate Diploma in Hospitality Administration

The postgraduate hospitality diploma prepares you for administrative roles in any hospitality related business. You will complete the practical hospitality training in Switzerland (Glion campus), and the remainder of the program in Switzerland (Bulle campus) or London, giving you the opportunity to experience both of these renowned locations for tourism and business.  The postgraduate diploma includes a 6-month internship in a hospitality organization to ease your transition into a new career path. 

Program Overview

Key Facts

Duration: 1 year and 3 months

Academic semesters: 3 study blocks on campus

Internships: 1 (4-6 months)

Location: Switzerland (Glion and Bulle) or UK (Glion and London)*

Intakes: January, April, July, and October

Applied Learning: 10 weeks, completed at Glion campus in Switzerland

Postgraduate Diploma Courses

Study Block 1 (10 weeks) - On Campus, Core Courses (6 credits)

  • Graduate Practicum (Hospitality, taken at Glion campus, in Switzerland)
  • Managing Hotel Operations
  • Cultural Communications
Study Block 2 (10 weeks) - On Campus, Core Courses (9 credits)
  • Advanced Accommodation Management
  • Entrepreneurial Food and Beverage Management
  • Strategic Event Planning

Study Block 3 (10 weeks) - On Campus, Core Courses (9 credits)

  • Managerial Financial Accounting
  • Hospitality Services Marketing
  • Human Resources Management

Internship (3 credits)

  • Mastering Management Report


  • The program in London is only open to EU and EEA passport holders. 
  • Students on the London campus will complete their applied learning courses in Switzerland on Glion campus during study block 1.
  • Courses are subject to change


Choose your campus

Glion Institute of Higher Education has two campuses in Switzerland and one in London, UK. For some programs, you can transfer between the campuses to build your global business knowledge, experience a new environment and add an international value to your degree.  

Multicampus Option

More than just a study abroad program, Glion’s multicampus programs will allow you to study in Switzerland and London in a seamless experience that will build your international experience and add value to your degree. Start in Switzerland, the leader of hotel management education, then head to London to study business in Europe’s capital of finance and tourism. Spend 4-6 weeks in Switzerland to attend the applied learning modules. Finish up on the Swiss Bulle campus for the six specialization options.

Swiss Campuses

Switzerland is the birthplace of hospitality education and it attracts tourists from around the world for its internationally appealing qualities as a safe, beautiful, and well-organized country to visit. Our campuses are located in Glion and Bulle, in the French speaking regions between Lake Geneva and the capital, Bern. Studying in Switzerland will give you a chance to experience what Switzerland is most famous for.

  • The Great Outdoors - As a major destination for outdoor sports tourism, Switzerland offers our students the chance to learn and practice snow sports, hiking, climbing, boating and many other sports in the mountains and lakes.
  • The Heart of Europe – Nestled between France, Italy and Germany, Switzerland is an ideal starting place for travel to major European cities. By train, you can easily visit Milan, Paris, or Berlin on the weekend; while a short flight can take you to the UK, the sunny coasts of Spain, or Eastern Europe.
  • The National Culture – Switzerland is always ranked among the best for its quality of life. It offers a peaceful international culture, efficient public transportation and reassuring level of safety. Plus, each region has its own dialects, architectural styles, specialty goods, and gourmet cuisine so students don’t have to go far to find something new.

To see it for yourself,  we invite you to come visit Switzerland.

London Campus

As a world capital of travel, tourism, and business, London is the perfect place to learn about hospitality and business trends, and develop a professional network in one of the world’s fastest-paced business scenes. Located on the grounds of the University of Roehampton, the Glion London campus offers a modern, yet intimate student life setting, and easy access to everything a student could want to experience in this huge metropolitan city.

  • The London Lifestyle – Accessible by public transportation (approx. 45 minutes), London’s dynamic city center offers infinite attractions for students: iconic hotels and restaurants, bars and night clubs, shopping districts and markets, museums and cultural events, and the list goes on.
  • A Big University Campus – Glion London students enjoy the facilities and services of the University of Roehampton, which includes 60 societies and sports clubs, a fitness center, and many cafes, restaurants, coffee shops, bakeries and stores.
  • The Glion Family – Amidst the bustle of a big UK campus, and the big-city life of London, Glion London offers a peaceful, close-knit community of students and faculty who are passionate about the same things. Industry experts also regularly visit the campus looking to recruit future talent and exchange ideas on upcoming industry trends. 

Experience London first hand with a visit to Glion London campus, we invite you to come visit London!