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Specialize in International Hotel Development and Finance

Reach for new heights in corporate strategy

As the world of hospitality finance continues to evolve and intensify, more and more organizations are seeking the appropriate graduates. Our specialization will give you the skills to analyze critical success factors in asset management, for both hotel and resort development projects. This will ensure you have the experience organizations constantly crave.

Courses for BBA in International Hospitality Business


Course 1 Course 2 Course 3 Course 4 Course 5
Hotel Asset Management Introduction Hotel Feasibility and International Development Hotel Finance and Valuation Global Resort Development EMEA Hotel Market Insight


Career Opportunities

  • Asset or Revenue Management
  • General Management
  • Area Management
  • Investment Consultant

Industry Sectors

  • Hotels and Resort Development
  • Private Banking
  • Investment Firms
  • Corporate Finance

Drive performance, create and expand businesses

Hospitality ownership continues to evolve. Hospitality groups are acquired and consolidated, new products and brands are created, and organizations expand into new locations. Also, game-changing businesses such as Airbnb and Booking.com have revolutionized what hotel brands and products truly mean. With this in mind, companies are looking for a new breed of manager, one who can lead rather than follow, make key decisions and help organizations grow. Our program will help you hone these skills and prepare you for employment in an ever-evolving industry.

“What I love about this industry is its complexity. Hotels are an asset class with many different components (rooms, restaurants, bars, events, shops, spas etc.). In order to create value in a hotel investment, one needs to understand these different components and how to run them as efficiently as possible without destroying the guest experience. Every hotel requires bespoke solutions, so I never stop being challenged and keep learning. Glion was key to both my professional and personal development.”

Grisha Davidoff

Founder and Managing Partner, Kaizen Hotel Investment Partners

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