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After graduation, and for the rest of your life, you will be connected to an influential global network of more than 16,000 industry professionals and entrepreneurs.

As a Glion alumni, you’ll enjoy privileged access to new positions and career opportunities from other members of the community, who choose Glion first when recruiting fresh talent and forging new partnerships.


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Alumni Hospitality, Tourism, F&B


FMCG, luxury goods and services, marketing, events, banking and finance

“Glion has really high standards and you learn how to stay focused and do everything to the best of your abilities.”

Anastasia Nesterova

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“Glion has taught me the importance of building relationships and teamwork.”

Philippine Bouye

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“It is evident that Glion as a brand name puts you to the top of any pile of CVs in luxury hospitality.”

Benjamin Dalton

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“Glion was a period of my life where I met a lot of wonderful people, learnt a lot of wonderful things, and it gave me a base on which to build a career.”

Anthony Torkington

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“I would advise current and future Glion students to utilize the extensive network that Glion gives access to.”

Vincent Collin

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“I learnt how to be humble, respectful and flexible.”

Shihao Xu George

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“Even when we have left the campuses, after the graduation, we still have the Glion Spirit with us.”

Clotilde Fonteny

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