Anastasia Nesterova

Name: Anastasia Nesterova

Program: Postgraduate Program

Current position: Trade Support Specialist

Current company: J.P. Morgan Private Bank

Graduation year: 2013

Tell us about your career journey since you graduated from Glion and how it’s led you to your current position?

A fast-paced environment; the ability to learn on a daily basis; and access to a variety of different roles within the company – these were the aspects I was looking for when I was choosing my career. The banking industry has all three aspects. It also offers you a challenge, which is key to personal and professional development.

After graduation from Glion, I worked in the banking industry in Moscow. I started as an intern, was then hired as a specialist in the product development department, and after nine months I was promoted to Product Manager. I really enjoyed the fast-paced environment and the ability to change things directly for a client. After gaining a few years of experience, I moved back to Geneva and pursued my career in J.P. Morgan Private Bank.

Describe your day-to-day responsibilities in your current role?

I work in the operations team, processing back office client accounts. My team ensures that client accounts reflect all the necessary changes made by account team. Apart from that, I am involved in lots of projects across the bank, which really makes my job more interesting.

Trade Support Specialist in Operations Department, J.P. Morgan Private Bank (Geneva, Switzerland)
Administrative Coordinator, European Respiratory Society (Lausanne, Switzerland)
Administrative Assistant, European Respiratory Society (Lausanne, Switzerland)
Product Manager in the Department of the retail products development, B&N Bank (Moscow, Russia)

After graduation from Glion,
I worked in the banking industry in Moscow.

Anastasia Nesterova

What are some of the main things you learned at Glion which you use in your current role?

One of the main things that Glion teaches you is that, no matter what your position is, there is always a client on the other side. Even though I do not work with clients directly, I know that my job has an impact. Another thing I learnt is to be excellent in everything I do. Glion has really high standards and you learn how to stay focused and do everything to the best of your abilities.

“Glion has really high standards and you learn how to stay focused and do everything to the best of your abilities.”

How has your membership of the Glion Alumni network helped you professionally?

With regards to J.P. Morgan Private Bank employment, I experienced the full force of the Glion Spirit. I met with a Glion alumnus at an alumni gathering, and he was working at J.P. Morgan Private Bank at the time, so he told me about the opening there. Most of my friends here in Geneva are ‘Glioners’. I think that, no matter where you are in the world, you will meet Glion people. This is really important, especially in the beginning of your career, if you are looking for a job or changing your career path.

What would be your career advice to current students and recent alumni of Glion?

What distinguishes Glion graduates from all the others is that we are all eager to learn, to progress, to do things to the best of our abilities and to make a difference. If you want to pursue a career in the banking industry, you should show motivation for those things.

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