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Academic Catalog and Regulations

Our Academic Catalog is a breakdown of everything you need to know about your program including campus information and module details.

You can also access our Academic Rules and Regulations folder where you can learn all about the number of credits in your chosen program, attendance policy, grading scale and much more.


Glion Academic Catalog for New Students (PDF)

Glion Academic Catalog for Direct Entry & Returning Students (PDF)


Academic Rules and Regulations 
Bachelor’s / Master’s / Executive Master’s Programs
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Academic Calendars

The key dates for your program including holidays

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Fall 2024 (PDF)

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Glion’s academic pillars

From its beginnings as Glion Hotel School, Glion Institute of Higher Education has evolved into a modern institute of university-level business studies. Our unique business degree curriculum was developed to merge the Swiss hospitality education tradition of hands-on learning methods with contemporary industry knowledge and university academics in four distinct academic pillars.

Professional Development

Using the time-tested method of hospitality education, Glion’s programs will develop your professional skills and knowledge, enabling you to take on leading roles across a range of industries. It includes the fundamentals of industry standards, operations, administration, internships and business courses with industry-related specializations.

Practical Arts

Our practical arts focuses on hands-on courses that provide you with key skills in restaurant and hotel operations. When you progress to graduate studies, you will then study contemporary case studies with leading industry partners, as well as applied business projects where you can really put your knowledge to the test.


To become an owner, creator or general manager of a complex business, you must be able to bring knowledge of a diverse range of departments and markets, as well as core business skills. Our entrepreneurship courses will teach you the fundamental attributes you need – including managerial finance, marketing and law – to be able to lead, rather than follow.

General Education

As a university-level accredited institution, Glion offers more than just hospitality education and management courses. It proposes a wide array of general education courses aiming to develop language skills, cultural knowledge, creativity, and life skills.

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