Quality assurance at Glion


Quality assurance at Glion is encapsulated in the Institutional Quality Framework (GIQF), which employs a systematic approach to achieve quality objectives across all services and processes. The GIQF defines Glion’s quality standards and objectives, identifies necessary processes, and establishes a comprehensive monitoring and performance measurement framework across all facets of our operations at all levels and locations.

This framework is supported by our governance, institutional strategy, and mission & vision. It is based on two pillars: the Quality Approach and the Quality Culture.

  • The Quality Approach primarily emphasizes structure and processes related to GIHE quality standards, objectives, and assurance processes.
  • In contrast, the Quality Culture emphasizes actively involving the Glion community through its development, continuous improvement, and stakeholder engagement.

Our quality standards:

  1. Governance & organization addresses Glion’s leadership structure, policies, decision-making processes, and accountability for effective leadership and resource management.
  2. Mission & planning guides the development and execution of Glion’s mission, vision, and strategic goals, ensuring alignment and continuous progress toward objectives.
  3. Quality & information management ensures accurate, reliable, and accessible information through systematic data collection, storage, analysis, and dissemination to support decision-making and regulatory compliance.
  4. Academic programs & standards designs, delivers, and evaluates educational programs, ensuring curriculum quality, program assessment, and adherence to academic benchmarks.
  5. Teaching, learning, research, scholarship & faculty enhances academic quality through curriculum development, pedagogy, faculty recruitment, evaluation, and scholarly activities.
  6. Student support provides services for student wellbeing and success, including academic advising, counseling, career services, and extracurricular opportunities.
  7. Human resources & development manages recruitment, development, and wellbeing of personnel through hiring practices, training programs, performance evaluations, and professional growth initiatives.
  8. Finance & infrastructure oversees financial management, budgeting, asset maintenance, and facilities to ensure stability and support for organizational operations.
  9. Communication, integrity & transparency focuses on ethical communication, internal and external transparency, and trust-building practices with stakeholders.

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Glion  implements internal and external governance mechanisms to ensure the quality of our educational programs and services.

  • Internal governance. To ensure and improve the quality of our educational programs and services Glion implements internal governance mechanisms. These mechanisms include regular self-evaluations, reviews, and assessments to ensure that the quality assurance policies and guidelines are implemented, followed, reviewed and assessed.

  • External governance. External governance is integral to Glion’s commitment to quality. We actively engage external quality assurance (EQA) mechanisms and collaborate with Swiss, UK and USA accreditation bodies. These bodies independently validate Glion’s adherence to their quality standards, enhancing transparency and credibility. This approach reinforces our dedication to excellence and global educational benchmarks.


Policies are established guidelines or principles that dictate behavior and decision-making within Glion: view here.

Information documents are detailed documents that provide operational specifics and insights within Glion: view here.