Master of Science Overview

This one-year, hybrid master of science program will open the doors for careers in hospitality finance and revenue management in international service organizations. As a highly concentrated program, this master’s of finance covers the principles and practices of financial management in the hospitality industry. It develops practical skills and analytical tools for financial decision making and innovative solutions to complex financial challenges.


As a hybrid master program, the MSc is delivered partly on campus, partly online making it one of our most affordable programs for students who wish to integrate the workforce sooner, and reduce accommodation expenses. The program can be adapted with bridging courses or taken as a “follow-on” degree for recent bachelor degree graduates. For more information read the academic catalog


MSc International Hospitality Finance for whom?


You have a bachelor degree in hospitality?

30 Credit Program
6 months on campus
6 months online
No bridging courses

You have a bachelor degree in business, but not in hospitality?

30-36 Credit Program
6 months on campus
6 months online
Up to 4 bridging courses

You have a bachelor degree in hospitality, but no accounting?

31.5 Credit Program
6 months on campus
6 months online
1 bridging course in accounting

MSc Hospitality Finance Courses
The MSc program is divided into one academic semester on Bulle campus, and an online segment which can be completed in 6 months.
Preparatory Knowledge Program (PKP)
M912   Business Computing
Core Courses (30 Credits )
Campus Based Segment
M923   Data  Driven  Decision Making  (3 credits)
M933   International  Managerial  Finance  (3 credits)
M943   Revenue  Management  (3 credits)
M934   Trends in  Financial  Innovation  (3 credits)
M935   Entrepreneurial  Wealth  Management  (3 credits)
M936   Financial  Leadership  (3 credits)
Online Segment
M960   Property and  Asset  Management  (3 credits)
M961   Financial  Strategy and  Planning  (3 credits)
M903   Applied  Dissertation  (6 credits)
Bridging Courses
(Requirement based on individual qualifications)
M913   Tourism  (1.5 credits)
M915   Fundamentals of Accounting  (1.5 credits)
M917   Introduction to the  Hospitality Business  (1.5 credits)