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The Glion difference

  • On graduation day 89% of job-seeking graduates have a job or job offers
  • Students get on average 3.2 internship offers each
  • 1 in 3 students go on to management trainee programs
  • 13,600 alumni across 150+ countries

First Employment Sector

Corporate / Management training is in high demand, as it allows graduates to quickly access managerial positions. Trainees typically work for 12 up to 24 months, either rotating through the various departments of a hotel before choosing a specific department or directly training in a specific department (generally Food & Beverage, Rooms Division or Revenue Management). This exposure to many aspects of the hospitality industry allows for rapid advancement to senior level positions.

Glion has relationship with the very best:

The following international companies frequently recruit students from Glion Institute of Higher Education:

Other companies such as Bloomberg visit our campus every semester.

Purpose of internships

At Glion, every part of your degree program and student experience is designed to give you the skills and resources you need to launch an international career. Internships make up nearly one third of the undergraduate curriculum. With two life-changing, eye-opening internships, you will gain one year of work experience to add to your CV. You will also develop strong professional skills and connections to boost your employability at graduation. Moreover, you will develop real-life awareness of industry standards and discover your personal strengths.

Internship Facts




Our students are on internships in 63  different countries around the world.

Glion students are on internship
every  semester.

Glion receives around 3.2 internship  offers per student, per semester.

Finding the right internship

Every semester, over 400 Glion students leave our campuses to develop their skills in the industry on professional internships. Students receive support and guidance from the Internship Department, and they choose their internships from the many offers received by the institution, or researched independently.

Based on specific criteria such as location, property type (city or resort), language, visa and work permit requirements, students apply for the position that will allow them to develop their skills and discover a company, brand, department, or position that helps them to form their future professional objectives.

Students receive guidance to secure an internship that best suits their skills. The internships are documented and evaluated for academic credits.
To assist students with their placement, the internship team provides a variety of services:

  • Introduction to hiring practices including CV preparation, interview skills and internship research methods.
  • Receiving and publishing internship opportunities and completing the necessary follow up.
  • Continued support during the internship.

Check out what happened during 2017’s Recruitment Day:

Member of HOSCO

Glion Institute of Higher Education is a proud member of HOSCO, where top hospitality companies, schools and students from all over the world meet and interact.