Jean-Marc Levrat

Program Director, Master’s in Hospitality Business Leadership

Jean-Marc is a seasoned professional with over 25 years of combined expertise in academia and the hospitality industry. He currently serves as Program Director for the Master’s in Hospitality Business Leadership and as a Senior Lecturer at Glion Institute of Higher Education. Hailing from Switzerland, Jean-Marc’s career is a tapestry of global experience, having embraced professional and cultural diversities across three continents.

This international career journey includes a tenure in Canada, where Jean-Marc sharpened his leadership skills as the Director of Operations for a network of 27 restaurant outlets, overseeing the activities of more than 1,000 employees.

Parallel to his operational roles, Jean-Marc has always been passionate about education and knowledge sharing. His pedagogical contributions have been recognized at various public and private academic institutions in Canada and in his native Switzerland. In his dual role at Glion Institute of Higher Education, he aims to bridge the gap between theory and practical applications, providing future leaders with the skills and insights to excel in the fast-evolving hospitality business.

With his proven commitment to fostering leadership and a spirit of innovation, Jean-Marc continues to influence and inspire the next generation of professionals through his leadership at Glion, a touchstone for excellence in education.

Campus: Switzerland