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Specialize in Luxury Brand Management in Hospitality

Gain key skills in luxury brand management

If you want an exciting career working with exclusive luxury brands, you need to be to be able to create the perfect customer experience.

Our unique Luxury Brand Management specialization teaches you the marketing and business skills you’ll need to manage luxury brands. You will also hone the managerial soft skills and professionalism from our Hospitality Management degree. Both of these ensure you have the versatility, knowledge and skills needed to be an ideal candidate in the ever-growing world of luxury, hospitality, events and leisure.

Add a shine to your career

Luxury hospitality is a key component of the overall luxury sector, focused on delivering exceptional personal service and creating unforgettable experiences. It covers a wide variety of areas, including boutique hotels, cruises, spas and palaces, as well as fine food and wine. Understanding luxury and the management of luxury brands provides a foundation for a career not only in the luxury and hospitality industry, but far beyond.

Courses for BBA in International Hospitality Business

Course 1 Course 2 Course 3 Course 4 Course 5
Analyzing the Economics of Luxury Hospitality Building on Brand Identity in Luxury Hospitality Leveraging the Marketing Mix in Luxury Hospitality Achieving Service Excellence in Luxury Hospitality Creating Brand Experience in Luxury Hospitality and Events

A pathway to the most exclusive brands

Creating memorable experiences continues to be a growth area within the luxury industry. Organizations look for graduates with creativity and innovation, as well as skills in product design, service development, media and brand experience. Studying at Glion will give the cutting-edge skills you’ll need to succeed in a constantly changing, but equally exciting, industry.

The pathway into…

  • Brand or Marketing Manager
  • Guest Relations or Concierge Manager
  • Customer Service Manager
  • Public Relations Executive

Industry sectors

  • Luxury hotels and resorts
  • Fine dining, food and wine
  • Personal luxury goods
  • Yachts, private jets, automobiles
  • Other brand and service industries

“I’m the Manager of the Guest Relations team, and our aim is to deliver a first-class experience to all of our guests. It’s all about personalized service, memorable moments and making sure all of our guests leave with a smile on their faces. I take my role as a Glion alumna very seriously and think it’s important to be a role model, showing recognition to the hotel school and how much we have learned. For this reason, I hire three lobby interns from Glion every six months.”


Head of Guest Relations, The Landmark London

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