Cultivating the next generation of conscientious leaders

At Glion, we integrate sustainability into the classroom and curriculum, as well as the entirety of the campus experience. By immersing students in real-world examples of sustainable practice, we instill the next generation with the values and skills to become socially and environmentally responsible leaders.

Within our Glion Research & Innovation Center, our faculty members are at the forefront of researching and teaching topics including ethics and Social Responsibility, sustainability and innovation, sustainable luxury, and sustainable business strategies.

In parallel, our students examine various aspects of the intersection of sustainability, luxury and hospitality business through Applied Business Research projects overseen by faculty members.

Multiple Social Responsibility dimensions are addressed at all levels of our educational offering, from bachelor’s degrees to our executive master’s programs. We teach sustainability-focused courses on subjects including but not limited to business management, inclusivity and diversity, luxury, real estate and the culinary arts.

Examples of Social Responsibility courses within our current academic catalogue:

Bachelor’s courses
• Gastronomic Restaurant* Intercultural Communication, Collaboration and Negotiations
• Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility

Master’s courses
• Sustainability Essentials for Hospitality Managers
• Intercultural Leadership
• Sustainable Luxury and Design
• Sustainability and Entrepreneurship
• Sustainable Real Estate

Executive Master’s courses
• Intercultural Leadership, Inclusion and Diversity+
• Building the New Sustainable Luxury
• Sustainability and Ethics

*Based on Chef Stéphane Décotterd’s philosophy of local, sustainable cuisine.