How remote destinations are creating unusual hospitality career opportunities

Nowadays, travel buffs are going to the ends of the Earth for the most authentic vacation experiences and this trend is creating some extraordinary new hospitality jobs. Here’s a look at the origins and implications of the remote destination travel trend and some of the best faraway places to start a new adventure in hospitality.

The growth of remote destination travel

Remote destinations are becoming increasingly popular and accessible due to several other trends. First, these days, people need to get away from it all – technology, advertising, clock, cars, and crowds – not just away from home. Secondly, today’s experienced travellers want a unique experience and one that’s sustainable and socially responsible, two things that remote destinations often cover well.

Most importantly, this trend will continue to grow as travel to remote destinations becomes logistically smoother and more affordable than ever before. The UNTWO’s long term forecast Tourism Towards 2030 reflects: “an ever-increasing number of destinations worldwide have opened up to, and invested in tourism, turning it into a key driver of socio-economic progress through the creation of jobs and enterprises, export revenues, and infrastructure development.”

So if you want to experience the world’s least-visited sites, then you better get around to it soon, before they become simply touristic

The best remote locations

There are a lot of ways to visit the ends of the Earth, but not all of them offer the same level of comfort and accessibility. It really depends on what you’re looking for in a vacation.

Far-out luxury & design resorts

Nowadays, remote doesn’t have to mean inhospitable, Conde Nast’s list of out-there luxury retreats features places like the Gangtey Goenpa Lodge in Bhutan where a Glion alumnus is GM.

Breath-taking scenery, for your eyes only

The wild beauty of little-seen landscapes can take your breath away, especially if you are one of the very few people seeing them. Discover the eight most beautiful remote places.

Unadulterated, authentic experiences

One of the best things about remote destinations is the fact that they remain authentic and intact with heritage sites, natural landscapes and local culture undiluted by commercial gains. Here are some examples of places that are so hard to reach that very few people manage to get there. Check out five of the world’s most remote destinations.

Hospitality career opportunities in far-flung places

These new frontiers of hospitality and tourism are creating a lot of interesting career paths, including opportunities for travel and tourism writers and photographers and new hotel openings.There is so much to discover in the local culture and nature of such extraordinary places, they offer both professional experience and personal enrichment. As tourism grows and extends to new places, so does the need for qualified managers. This trend of remote destination travel is only one area where tourism and hospitality will continue to create excellent career opportunities for those who are brave enough to reach for the limits.

Discover the many facets of hospitality internships and careers and the hospitality management degreesthat can take your career to any remote place on the planet.

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