One of the things that make Glion Institute of Higher Education such a highly-valued school is that it mirrors what you’ll expect to find in the hospitality industry. For example, a hospitality career will see you work in many different countries with people from across the globe. At Glion, you are perfectly prepared for this scenario, with 96 different nationalities represented on campus. We showcase this rich diversity twice a year through our Cultural Days, where students demonstrate the heritage and cuisine of their country.

What are the benefits of studying in a multicultural environment? How does it prepare you for employment? Our blog has all the answers you need to know, with first-hand testimony from Glion student Klara Hoxhallari.

The benefits

If you’ve chosen to study at Glion, you must be looking for an exciting, rewarding career. You want to see the world, working in some of the globe’s most amazing locations. You seek friendships and partnerships with leading industry figures from different walks of life. Glion’s multicultural student environment ensures you have the experience and knowledge to succeed in your future career.

One of the main benefits is international exposure. Studying alongside people from all over the world is a truly unique experience. It will improve your awareness and help you gain a global perspective. It will heighten your understanding and empathy, and ensure you are ready to take on roles anywhere in the world.

The more time you spend with one another, the more you learn about their nation’s traditions and behaviours. It feels like you are travelling from one country to another.

You will also gain knowledge of different languages, a highly-valued skill in any industry. Being able to communicate effectively is essential in hospitality, so being able to do it in multiple languages will be a huge boost to your career prospects. Studying in a multicultural environment will make you a well-rounded, tolerant, flexible and knowledgeable professional.

Why I love Glion’s multicultural environment

Klara fell in love with Glion due to its rich, diverse student atmosphere. “The most important factor in me joining Glion was the multicultural environment,” Klara said. “On the first day of classes, everyone introduced themselves and their country of origin. To my surprise, I discovered nationalities I’d never heard of, such as Guatemala and Aruba. Additionally, some students hadn’t heard of my birthplace, Albania.”

Studying at Glion has given Klara respect and understanding of other cultures. “The more time you spend with one another, the more you learn about their nation’s traditions and behaviours. It feels like you are travelling from one country to another. Therefore, you develop an understanding and respect for different cultures.”

Klara believes Glion brings the different cultures together through a range of activities. “There is an immense wave of creativity flowing through the school,” she said. “We get to express our skills and cultural backgrounds through various events. These include Glion’s MasterChef competition and the Student Government Association barbecue.”

Cultural Fairs to remember

Another event Klara points out is the Cultural Fair. “It’s where students can show off their patriotism and provide people with a taste of their traditional foods,” she said. “Cultural Fair sees a variety of flags hung all over campus, traditional costumes representing each country, and music and games from multiple nations. These events are all organised by students, demonstrating the Glion Spirit.”

The most recent Cultural Fair took place on Thursday 17 May at our Bulle campus. South Korea was crowned winners in the Food category, with Russia taking home the gold for Decoration and Kazakhstan proving victorious overall. “Cultural Day has proven once again it is a hallmark event,” said Giovanni Manfredini, who leads our Event Management specialisation. “It’s an event that will continue to grow and inspire our global community to share their cultures and values.”

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