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Glion Campus

A hotel school on top of the world

Glion is our flagship campus and practical learning center. From the classrooms and restaurants, you can gaze across the deep blue waters of Lake Geneva to see the Swiss and French Alps. It’s located on the mountainside above Montreux, a town that attracts tourists year-round with a beautiful lakeside and shopping district. The school’s buildings are nestled among the village of Glion, creating a small university town with breathtaking scenery.

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Facts and Facilities

  • Established in 1962
  • 350 students
  • 5 student accommodation buildings
  • 4 bars and restaurants
  • 16 classrooms and study rooms

Stay fit and active

  • Onsite fitness center and gymnasium
  • Activities: swimming, tennis, hiking, running, badminton, ping pong, yoga, zumba, stand-up paddle
  • Teams: football, rugby, volleyball, basketball, badminton and table tennis

“The Glion campus has amazing scenery. I really enjoyed the different types of food, including the fine dining restaurant. There are many activities, such as the Cultural Fair where students will cook, bring or even wear their own countries’ traditional items. Meanwhile, inter- campus sports events allow students to show their abilities in various competitions.”

Young Min “Edward” Kim

South Korean

How to find us

Glion Institute of Higher Education

Route de Glion 111
1823 Glion sur Montreux
T. +41(0)21 966 35 35
E. info@glion.edu

Reservation at Le Bellevue

T. +41 (0) 21 966 35 25
E. reservations.bellevue@glion.edu

Reservation at Fresh

T. +41 (0) 21 966 35 41
E. reservations.fresh@glion.edu