Erwan Hartmann has always wanted a career where he’d build strong relationships with clients. Specializing in Finance while at Glion, he has achieved just that – Erwan now looks after a range of individuals in his role as a Private Banker for Pictet, one of Europe’s leading independent wealth and asset managers.

Discovering finance

Born in Switzerland, Erwan’s interest in hospitality began at a young age. “My earliest memory of falling in love with the hospitality industry is when I was six years old,” he said. “My family and I were staying at the Raffles Hotel in Singapore. Even though I was very young, I remember being blown away by the experience.”

With his dream career being one “where I can have ongoing contact with clients,” Erwan enrolled at Glion, studying BSc Hospitality Management. Initially wanting to work as a General Manager within a hotel, Erwan found himself more and more drawn to the world of finance. He specialized in the subject while at Glion and got to advance his skills further during an internship at Pictet’s trading desk.

Joining Pictet

After graduating in 2013, Erwan continued his career with Pictet, initially as a Private Equity and Real Estate Financial Controller. “This helped me gain a better knowledge of the banking industry,” he said. In 2015, he joined the wealth management division as a Private Banker. “I am in charge of the daily management of existing relationships with high-net-worth individuals and ultra-high-net-worth individuals,” Erwan said. “These clients have very specific needs which require customized solutions.”

Erwan enjoys his role for a number of reasons. “The scope of our services includes investment solutions, wealth architecture and asset servicing,” he said. “Every client has different needs, which guarantees a lot of variety in my daily work. The most important thing to me is that I feel I bring an added value to the table.”

The benefits of a hospitality education

Erwan is convinced that his hospitality background is beneficial to his current role. “I believe that hospitality students can bring strong input to the finance industry,” he said. “They possess a whole other set of skills in comparison to classic business school students. Private banking might seem a lot different from working within a hotel, but if you look into it, you’ll realize there are some similarities, including service excellence. I also believe my hospitality experience helps me understand the client’s needs better.”

A Glion education provides the skills and knowledge both employers and clients demand, according to Erwan. “Glion students have worked for some of the most luxurious hotel properties around the world,” he said. “They know how to make a guest’s experience truly unique. This is a strong advantage when starting a career within the service industry.”

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