Student stories: Glion ambassador talks life on campus, his BBA program and a challenging internship in Paris

It’s fair to say that life at Glion is unique – the stunning campus locations, the social life, the friends, the industry experiences. But what do our students really think? From time to time we interview current students to reveal what life is like at our Bulle, Glion and London campuses; sharing thoughts on the programs, internships and everything in between.

STUDENT: Adam Rzane
PROGRAM: Third semester, BBA in International Hospitality Business

Students choose Glion for a variety of reasons, the quality of education, industry experience and lifestyle to name a few. Some come to prepare for a role in the family business, some to give them the skills to lead and others to gain access to career opportunities at the top of hospitality and beyond. For Adam, it was all about meeting a world of new people.


Why did you choose to study at Glion?

“Glion is offering a multicultural experience that allowed me to be part of an international community of almost 100 nationalities, presenting a huge opportunity to make connections with people from all around the world.”

“I also have been attracted by its quality of education and the prestigious image reflected by this institute.”


Life on campus

The Glion campuses are like no others in the world, from the stunning Alps backdrop in Bulle and Glion, to the bustling city vibe in London. And when the studies are over, committees, groups and events provide an active schedule on and off-campus. We asked Adam what life was like at Bulle.

How do you find life on campus?

“The Bulle campus is offering many facilities: four Accommodation Buildings, Jam Room and three Food and Beverage outlets. Thanks to the continuous work of our students’ committees, the life in this campus is really active, plenty of diverse events are organized each week to keep the ambiance up.”

What’s it like living in this region?

“Bulle is a small city surrounded by mountains. Living here can be quiet, but all the students are together to make it fun. I have been here for three months and I have never been bored.”

What group activities or excursions have you been involved in?

“As a member of the Arts Committee, I appreciate rehearsing with the different musicians and singers. It is a very nice opportunity to exchange knowledge and know more people from the different intakes.”


The program

For some students, they didn’t choose a program, a program chose them. This is because you come to Glion with your own unique passions and interests and one program will speak to you, and your ambitions, more than the others. For Adam, it was the BBA in International Hospitality Business.

Why did you decide to study hospitality management?

“Since my childhood, I have been raised in this industry, as my parents have businesses related to the Hospitality. The choice was really obvious for me.“

What are the best things about the program, teaching methods, and faculty?

“One of the reasons that pushed me to choose Glion is the personalized education. The faculty focuses on each student by trying to give them the best. We have the chance to be surrounded by a very qualified faculty ready to answer to our questions.”

Do you feel Glion is a valuable investment for your future? If yes, why?

“Glion is one of the best decisions I have ever made. In one year, I could build a huge network in the industry by working six months in Paris, and studying in this Institute.”


The internship

Employers love a good education, and they also love experience. At Glion, students gain both of these through immersive classroom time, internships, projects and strong industry connections. For Adam, an internship meant a trip to the food capital of the world, and exposure to a tough F&B environment.

Where did you do your internship?

“I did my first internship in La Bauhinia, the all-dining-day restaurant of the Parisian Palace: The Shangri-La, as a Commis.”

How did you get hired for your internship?

“I first applied for this offer in the Internship Platform: ‘’Simplicity’’. I was contacted two days after to have a skype interview with the Food and Beverage Manager. After that I went to Paris for a second interview. One week after I received an email that said I was hired!

How was this first experience and has it changed your career plans?

“My first impression of working in the industry was special, I found out that this industry is very tough and tiring. After working in the Food and Beverage Department, I didn’t particularly like this part of the hotel. I learnt that this department is not for me.”

How did the online internship platform help you to make the best out of your experience?

“The Online internship platform is very useful, it helped me a lot to get the best out of my experience by giving me the chance to evaluate myself and reflect on developing my skills and abilities.”

From meeting new people and new cultures, to discovering the right (and wrong) career path for his future, Adam has gained expertise, industry knowledge and life experience during his 20 months at Glion. Here’s how he summed up his time so far:

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