Hosco versus LinkedIn: The online reference for hospitality careers

What is hosco and how is it different from job sites like LinkedIn?

“At a basic level hosco was designed to improve recruitment processes for hospitality graduates, schools and employers. By being opened/non-specific, job boards or online networks including LinkedIn bring a lot of volume and a limited average quality.

By being exclusive to hospitality talents and focused on a single niche, we can bring the highest quality and extremely relevant input to all parties. Today, hosco is the only global online network exclusive to top players in the hospitality industry.”

Who are hosco’s clients and how does the business model work?

“Students and alumni join hosco to access good job offers, but they also get to be a part of an international network of graduates from many different schools. It may sound simple, but before we existed there was no single platform that combined the networks of multiple institutions.

Employers come to optimize their resources. They can find candidates with the right profile by using the search engine with a filter, and they make themselves more visible to the schools in the network. Placing a job offer on hosco gives them access to 45,000+ students, a number that we increase by 1,000 per week.”

Hospitality schools have access to two levels of services. As standard hosco members, they have a profile and access to job offers. They can also use hosco tools to manage their career and alumni networks for an additional fee. Our platform does the work of maintaining a database of employment partners, so they can focus more on events and relationships. We create landing pages for these schools where they can present their talent and invite their recruiters. For alumni networks, we developed the tools for schools to keep them engaged, because most alumni networks have alumni checking in once or twice per year.” John said.

“The hosco site is also a bit exclusive, not everyone can join, you have to be a graduate or student of one of the partner schools, or have a certain level of hospitality experience, so the quality of candidates is quite high and our activities aim to cultivate this aspect,” John explained.

What’s new at HOSCO?

“We just launched new landing pages with a dynamic map view. With the click a button, you can see in real time the alumni information on a world map. It shows the location, name and position of alumni from a particular school. It’s part of a branded landing page that is customized and schools can send their employment partners to the landing page.

As the Director of Development, I bring new partner schools on board and I have a team of 4-5 individuals to support our new partners with our services and tools. We sponsor international events and organizations that attract top industry leaders like the EuroCHRIE and EUHOFA which has dean and directors from the best hospitality schools in the world. We are starting with APACHRIE, the Asian version of EuroCHRIE,” he said.

“Last year, we also launched hosco plus. We have a content team that is investigating and reporting on career coaching, leadership interviews with CEOs, city guides and industry insights, and now visa tips. It’s getting excellent industry engagement and it can be accessed on our website outside of the partnership spaces. It generates content, which creates visibility for our members, our talents and the hospitality professions in general.” John said.

And they’re NOW HIRING!

“Last but not least, hosco is hiring. We’ll be recruiting some 15 new staff members over the coming months, so if any Glion students are interested they should get in touch. I look back very fondly on my time at Glion, it gave me a great experience, it really prepared me for my career, to do what I love, and I always think of it fondly,” John said.

John graduated from Glion Institute of Higher Education in 2008 with a Postgraduate Diploma in Hospitality Management and Glion Institute of Higher Education is a proud member of hosco since its founding in 2011.

Photo By: John Lohr, Hosco
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