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If you’re a hospitality student, there are three little words that count for a lot. They are Eta Sigma Delta (ΗΣΔ), and they mean you have joined an exclusive club for high academic performers! With the help of Eta Sigma Delta student Aleksandra Vujasinovic, we find out more about this not-so-secret society…


The Eta Sigma Delta International Hospitality Management Society (ESD) owes its origins to a group of students at University of New Hampshire’s Whittemore School of Business and Economics (now The Peter T. Paul College of Business and Economics).

These young scholars didn’t like the fact that there was no official honor society to recognize outstanding academic achievement in hospitality education, and they decided to do something about it. This was in 1978, and today there are more than 90 active ESD chapters around the world, including at Glion.

To get the Glion take on ESD, we spoke to one of the high achieving students who is now a member: Aleksandra Vujasinovic. This is what she had to tell us.


The Insider: Aleksandra, can you introduce yourself, and tell us more about your background?

Aleksandra Vujasinovic (AV): I come from Belgrade, the capital city of Serbia. Since I was five years old, I was involved in sports, which resulted in me becoming part of the Serbian National Karate Team taking part in European and World Championships. Traveling has been part of my life from an early age and balancing school activities with my athletic responsibilities has partly shaped my personality.

I attended a Serbian high school, undertaking classes in communications and social sciences. The Glion Bachelor program has been a true game changer. I had the opportunity to live and study in three different countries, and meeting people with diverse backgrounds and learning from some of the best in the industry has helped me discover my true passion. It’s also given me the right tools to succeed in the future.


TI: You have been very successful in your studies! What kept you motivated the whole time?

AV: I believe that the challenging environment in which we studied, and the way we were given the opportunity to learn from real life situations, presented by professionals in certain areas, has made every project worthwhile. Seeing Glion alumni succeed in achieving their dreams with similar resources has kept me motivated to get closer to my own dreams.


TI: Did you join any student life activities besides your studies? If so, how did you find the right balance between the two?

AV: During my last semester at Glion, I joined the Student Government Association (SGA) as PR Executive. Having a detailed weekly plan and avoiding doing things at the last minute enabled me to achieve the right balance.


TI: How has Eta Sigma Delta had a positive impact in your time at Glion?

AV: I can say that ESD opened many doors when applying for internships. It is the leadership, professionalism, and academic success that the society represents which has helped me when getting in contact with hiring managers.


TI: How can current, as well as future, students benefit from being part of ESD?

AV: There’s a group of students from both the Student Government Association and the Eta Sigma Delta chapter, including myself, who have worked hard this semester to ensure that the next generations see ESD as a unique opportunity and an achievement. We have high hopes that future students will use ESD to connect to the best professionals around the globe, learn from each other, and together make everyone around them proud.


TI: Turning back to the academic side, as an Honor student, what are your three tips for efficient studying?

AV: I would say organization, prioritization, and studying in a group.


TI: And what is your ritual when preparing for exams?

AV: I like to exercise in the morning to bring my energy level up, read some of my favorite parts from specific books and stay hydrated throughout the day.


TI: Lastly, what do you think is the most important habit of successful people?

AV: Surround and associate yourself with people who inspire you; who are highly motivated and goal oriented.

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