Career, community and campus – Why I chose to study a Hospitality Master’s at Glion

Hallo! My name is Marine, I’m 24, from Luxembourg and I would describe myself as an enthusiastic, positive and open-minded person! I’m currently studying semester 1 of the Masters in Luxury Management and Guest Experience, and here’s my journey to choosing Glion!


Hospitality was not familiar to me before I discovered the Master’s program, and none of my family has a hospitality background or connections. The only experience I had was being a guest in several hotels during my travels, or participating in organized events.

Having said this, the hospitality industry really interested me because of its power and importance concerning the guests. The guest relations side is really interesting and a passion for me. I knew I would love to work in an industry where I could have direct contact with customers, while managing a team by my side.


“Before studying at a hospitality school, I didn’t know how big the industry was!”


I chose to study my Master’s in Glion, because I fell in love with the program. I discovered it at a student fair in Paris, it was the first year the course had been introduced and it totally corresponded with what I was searching for to support my future career. Besides this, the Glion Spirit and community confirmed my choice, as I looked forward to experiencing the campus life in Switzerland.

Before studying at a hospitality school, I didn’t know how big the industry was! Having a Fashion Business background, I would like to maybe evolve in the Fashion sector, especially in Retail and Management. I am not aiming to set up my own business for now, so I would like to work in a hospitality company once I graduate.

I have no real preference concerning the countries I would like to work in. I just want to experience travelling abroad in several countries, and my choice will mainly depend on the opportunities available. That’s the beauty of a hospitality career, it can take you anywhere!

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