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In summer 2019, Alex Lastovka was weighing up his options for university and had a few favorites in mind. To help his decision, he enrolled on the Glion Summer Program and headed from his home town of Prague in the Czech Republic to the Glion campuses in Switzerland and London. By the end of the two-week program, the decision was made. This is Alex’s Glion experience, in his own words.

Hospitality is an incredibly varied industry that caters to extremely varied people, from airlines, to luxury yachts, to independent budget hotels. I personally find the diversity exciting, since it means that I will never be bored in my career. On the Summer Program I got to experience working in this industry, and also the unique Glion community, first-hand. I instantly felt at home and enrolled in the Bachelor’s in International Hospitality Business.

Life on campus

I already had some expectations from my Summer Program experience, but if anything, living on campus was even better once I started the Bachelor’s. The social life is truly amazing and living close to friends is always fun. The committees and ambassadors make sure that there is no shortage of events happening around all the campuses, from paragliding over Lac Léman, to hiking, to wine-tasting in the Valais region.

“The friends I made on campus outweighed any homesickness I felt from being away from family…”

I found living alone for the first time very liberating and exciting. The friends I made on campus outweighed any homesickness I felt from being away from family. I have been a Glion Ambassador for the past three semesters and was a member of the executive committee organizing the 60th anniversary student event. These experiences have been quite challenging but have dramatically increased my initiative, as well as organization, communication, and leadership skills.

A multicultural atmosphere

There are around 20 different nationalities in my class and it is quite an impressive experience being able to switch between 5 languages with your friends, all in the space of 10 minutes. The cultural diversity is truly great, and I love exploring my friends’ and classmates’ cultures, from their music and cuisine to their languages and traditions. I find that it also teaches me a great deal about the world and how different people do things, and to be a more open-minded person.

Career ambitions

Currently I am in semester 4 and I am in an exploratory period in my career, so I do not have a set goal in mind for when I graduate. If I had to say right now where I see myself in 10 years, I would say either as a hotel manager in a luxury hotel or working as a manager in the banking industry. I would also love to be my own boss one day, and I aspire to have something with my own name on it and my own legacy.

Location-wise, my hospitality skillset is applicable around the world, but I have my sights set on France as I have always wanted to work and live in Paris. If I did choose to work in banking, I think that working in London or New York is a must.

“Glion has changed me in several ways.”

Glion is not only a widely respected hospitality university, but also a community of tightly knit students, alumni, and teachers who never fail to support each other. Glion has changed me in several ways. The international environment as well as the new set of challenges has made me more mature, confident, and assertive. It has also developed me professionally and has fostered in me a greater initiative to try new things and experiences.


Thank you to Alex for sharing his Glion experience so far. Are you ready to start your own exciting journey in the diverse, international and multicultural hospitality industry? Discover our programs and apply .

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