How Glion Ambassadors benefit from NOVA personality profiling

By Student Ambassador Putu Diah Kusuma Dewi

Being a Student Ambassador means you are representing the standards, quality and integrity of Glion whether you are on or off campus.

As such, Ambassadors are involved in various events, as well as organizing advisory sessions, providing assistance and information to fellow students. To top this privilege, there are numerous benefits to being an Ambassador. One truly amazing benefit is the series of workshops we receive focusing on the NOVA Profile.

The NOVA Profile is a psychometric tool that provides information and insight into our talent, demeanor, personality and personal motivations. Before jumping to the personality type, it is fascinating to know that every person has two sides. The “natural style” is how a person expresses themselves when not affected by their environment; and the “adapted style” is where the environment plays a major role.

There are four types of profiles, each differentiated by a given color. They are:

  • The Color Red which is represented as dominance: one who demands a challenge and has a thirst for action. If you fall within this color, it means you have a direct, determined, decisive, demanding and independent personality. These attributes tend to create strong leaders who strive for a higher level of standards.
  • Yellow is the color for people who tend to be influential. The category yellow represents a positive, enthusiastic, spontaneous and sociable person; constant human interaction and fun is a must-have in the life of someone representing the yellow category. This makes for people who are natural public speakers and enjoy interacting with every person that they meet. Ideal positions would be in guest relations, sales & marketing and learning development roles.
  • The color Green is for those who are most comfortable with harmony and a calmer pace for actions. Those in the “green” category are accommodating, cooperative and attentive people. They are also reliable and require harmony in their surroundings. Such levels of attention and reliability bring strengths to an individual to strive in areas such as human resources, which suit their accountability, cooperative and calming nature.
  • Blue is for those who are happy to fall in line and have an ease for compliancy. People in the blue category demand standards and structure. They are also perfectionist, organized, precise and cautious. Great examples for these kinds of individuals are scientists or meticulous surgeons, who look for the deepest levels of perfection in the organized workspace.

The NOVA concept helps us to understand ourselves in much more depth and detail: how we will react to certain situations and the reasons behind this.

This self-awareness acts as a key element of personal and organizational development. As an Ambassador I am very thankful to have received this valuable workshop – it is definitely a great investment personally and professionally.

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