Rackets at the ready! Badminton tournament proves a hit with students

A global pandemic can’t suppress the Glion Spirit! The latest proof of this was the badminton tournament organized by students and for students at the Glion campus in Switzerland.


Despite Covid 19, there’s always something interesting happening for students during their time in Glion. Most recently, a badminton tournament was organized by the Glion Student Affairs team to show the true Glion spirit and to support student life outside of the classroom.

”What I liked about the badminton tournament was that it brought togetherness”, said BBA student, Victoria Halim. “It encouraged students to be supportive and competitive, and I would love to take part in more events like this!”


“…it was nice to meet new students on campus and share a new experience with them.”


The singles tournament took place in the Glion campus gymnasium on Sunday 30 May, with men’s and women’s matches and prizes for the winners, including Bluetooth earbuds. The activity was a hit for all students that took part.

“It was such a competitive tournament”, commented BBA student Akshay Sajan, “I had to compete against the semester 4 and 6 students, which indeed increased the competitive spirit in each one of us.”

“I really enjoyed the tournament, it was nice to meet new students on campus and share a new experience with them”, added MSc student Rahaf Alaish.

“Having the opportunity to play in an organized sports event was really nice”, said BBA student, Philippe Groff. “Being able to play badminton with other fellow students was a great way to finish off the weekend. Hopefully many more opportunities like this will arise again and I’m looking forward to testing my badminton skills again in the future!”

First prize sounds good for winners


And the question you all want to know the answer to, who won? The women’s winner was  BBA student Victoria Halim, and the winner of the men’s was BBA student Manav Narula. “We had a great badminton tournament organised by Glion student affairs”, said Manav, “it was really good and competitive and I won some amazing Bluetooth earbuds!”

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