Students show Glion’s diverse spirit at Cultural Fair

Glion’s Cultural Fair is a welcome opportunity to display the diversity of our students. Taking place every semester, the Fair sees students dress in traditional clothes, play music from their culture and demonstrate the eclecticism of the school. Our student ambassador, Polish national Karol Metelski, wrote this article about the importance of the day.

The diversity of Glion

On Thursday 19 October, another edition of Glion’s well-known Cultural Fair took place. This event brings students together for a multicultural experience, and allows them to explore each other’s countries of origin. This semester, the Bulle campus hosted the event.

“For me, the Cultural Fair is an amazing opportunity to display the diversity of cultures present in Glion,” said Susana Oliveri, Student Government Association President. “Every time the event takes place, I feel I am travelling around the world. I am connecting with the gastronomy, arts, heritage and people of wonderful countries. Furthermore, it has shown me we can build an environment of understanding. I believe the Fair is a great way to bring cultures together.”

International spirit

Stands from eleven countries, including France, USA, China and India, showcased what the Fair is all about. Decorations filled the room, while students dressed in traditional clothes, danced to the music of their nation and created a solid representation of their culture. As a result, it never takes long for others to get into the spirit, and many joined in with the traditional dances and performances.

At each Fair, there is a competition, which sees judges choose the best country. They pick from three categories – cuisine, decor and performance. With every country being outstanding in each category, choosing winners proved exceptionally difficult. However, Lebanon was deemed to have the best food and Thailand picked up the award for best decoration. Finally, the best performing stand was given to France.

A Cultural Fair to remember

Also, Glion’s London campus took part in the proceedings. Starting at 12 o’clock, they had six stands demonstrating the atmosphere of the participating countries. After spending the afternoon sampling local culinary delights and enjoying the festivities, it was time for the judges to announce a winner. It went right to the wire, with Italy beating Greece by only one vote.

“The whole event is great,” said Paul Chappel. “All the teams invest a lot of hard work in it, and it really emphasises what Glion is about. In addition, it’s lovely to see all the cultures and nationalities blending together and having a wonderful evening.”

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