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Already a serious player in luxury, having worked with major name brands, Liza Kovalyova aims to use our Executive Master’s in Luxury Management and Guest Experience to set the stage for developing an exceptional product in the beauty industry.


“I don’t think big, I think huge!”

And why not, considering the significant personal impact that Italian national Liza Kovalyova has already made on the business of luxury.

Appropriately enough, her journey began with studying fashion design in Milan – one of the true capitals of the luxury world.

“This unforgettable experience gave me a profound understanding of the fashion industry, its dynamics, and its ever-evolving trends,” she explains. “Spending 12 years in Milan, I developed a deep appreciation for the artistry, craftsmanship, exclusivity and innovation that define the luxury sector.”

After graduating, Liza dived deeply into the fashion world, acquiring what she describes as “360-degree experience” that encompassed fashion design and trend forecasting, product development, sales, retail, and business strategy. This period also gave her the opportunity to collaborate with iconic brands like YSL, Seven7 Los Angeles, and Dior, gaining exposure to every facet of the industry.

Inspired by this stellar start in the business, Liza decided to create a free-to-use online trend forecasting platform, inviting followers to also become creators of the inspirational boards. And so the Thoughts on Elegance platform came into life on the social media site Pinterest, subsequently building an audience of more than 90,000 followers.

“This project really enhanced my skills in digital marketing, community engagement, and trend analysis, while also elevating my consumer interactions,” she notes.

“This project really enhanced my skills in digital marketing, community engagement, and trend analysis, while also elevating my consumer interactions.”

Liza Kovalyova

Entrepreneurial endeavors

Much of that learning was put to good use when Liza launched her own clothing brand – LIKOV – which sold through major platforms such as Amazon, Instagram and Facebook, alongside boutiques across Europe.

She says of that venture, “This experience refined my skills in brand development, from sketching and collection development to coordinating with factories for garment construction and managing direct sales and e-commerce strategies.”

And Liza’s entrepreneurial endeavors continue today, through her luxury/ultra-luxury consultancy Peel Me A Grape.

“Working alongside industry leaders has equipped me to consistently meet the high expectations of luxury consumers, providing exceptional customer service and crafting memorable experiences,” she explains. “That was the inspiration for my agency, which is focused not only on creating exceptional products that elevate brand value, but also on helping brands to play a meaningful role in the lives of their customers.”

Flexibility is key

The demands of running the agency meant that a full-time graduate study program was out of the question for Liza. So instead she began researching flexibly taught executive education.

“Having already built up expertise in the fashion industry, and gained profound knowledge of luxury brands, I wanted a program that would allow me to complement this with brand management and strategic skills, help me master analytical tools, understand luxury brand dynamics, and adapt to digital and omnichannel strategies. After extensive research, I chose the Executive Master’s in Luxury Management & Guest Experience at Glion,” she says.

“I particularly appreciate that the program is designed for experienced professionals who can study online without disrupting their careers and daily lives. The flexibility to connect from any location is a significant advantage. Additionally, learning from a global group of lecturers – who are also business leaders and consultants – and mixing with students from diverse industries provides incredible networking opportunities and potential career advancements.”

Online study is at the heart of this program, but it’s the residential weeks which consistently delight participants to our Executive Master’s. These offer a chance to enjoy face-to-face teaching as well as superb networking opportunities. When we spoke to Liza, she was freshly returned from her program’s second residential week, which had taken her to the prime Luxury destination of London.

Meet your classmates!

“As it was our second residential week, I was extremely excited about the program and the opportunity to see my peers – who have become dear friends – in person. The trip was amazing, and for me one of the genuine highlights was a guided tour of one of my favorite museums, the V&A.

“We also had an exclusive introduction to the private members’ club George, renowned for its exclusivity, sophistication, and tailored services, and which is part of the esteemed Birley Group. It was fascinating to learn about their business approach, membership process, and marketing strategy in detail.”

On-campus, Liza found the lecture on Retail Management, presented by Erica Amoroso and Sharon Cohen from Burberry, especially insightful.

Setting the stage

Now Liza is looking forward to the Business Research Project (BRP) which will conclude her program. She notes, “I firmly believe that my BRP will set the stage for the development of an exceptional product in the beauty industry; one that will redefine our perceptions and usage of beauty products. My goal is for this initiative to lead to a collaboration with a prestigious luxury brand or the founding of a startup.”

And she signs off with some wise advice to other experienced professionals who may be mulling their lifelong learning options.

“It is never too late to invest in yourself, to learn, and to expand your horizons. Doing so not only helps you grow professionally and advance in your career, but it will also bring you personal fulfillment, completely changing your mindset, and will surely be an emotionally rewarding experience.”

Good luck with the rest of your Executive Master’s studies Liza!

  • To discover more about Liza’s luxury consultancy Peel Me A Grape, visit the website

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