Experiences, connections and real-world wisdom – students share life-lessons learned from Glion faculty

As a Glion student, you learn as much outside the classroom as you do inside. The faculty, experiences, real-world immersion and student life all have lessons to share and invaluable skills to teach. All you have to do is come with an open mind and a passion for hospitality, and you’ll leave with incredible memories and unrivalled knowledge.


Maximilian Gallasch, German

Program name: Bachelor’s in International Hospitality Business 


“We learn so much from our teachers, but these points really stand out for me:

Andrew Keohane, Senior Learning Support Manager: Always tell a story! By telling a story when trying to deliver a message you make things more interesting for the reader.

Jonathan Humphries, Head of International Hotel Development and Asset Management Specialisations: Connect with people, use the network, engage with guest speakers, lecturers, etc.”


“Live boldly in whatever you do and hold onto friendships”


Jiwon Joo, Korean

Program name: Bachelor’s in International Hospitality Business 


“From Mr. Humphries, we learnt different ways of negotiation with others. Although this was taught in context with the course outline, various valuable soft skills were learnt when negotiating with others to create a win-win situation. The last class of our specialization was the most memorable to me, we were told to live boldly in whatever we do in the future and hold onto the friendships we have created in Glion.”


“It is exactly when you think you know it all that you have to start re-learning again”


Nina Isler, Italian

Program name: Bachelor’s in International Hospitality Business 


“Firstly, I would like to note that I am a true believer that hospitality studies are highly transferable to everyday life. Each subject, with different professors, gave me precious tips to deal with the ‘here and now’. It is possible for me to point out some specific examples:


Jackson Dang, Lecturer: Always doubt yourself. Mr. Dang is one of the most knowledgeable and talented teachers in his field that I luckily had in Glion. Yet, his humble personality showed me that it is exactly when you think you know it all that you have to start re-learning again.

Sidi Mohammed Beldjilali, Senior Lecturer: This shall also pass. In life you can face very challenging moments, yet: 1) Don’t take things personally 2) Keep calm, and you will win.

Ed Schofield: So what?. These are the 2 kick off words in his first class; it means that there has to be always a good reason for the information you provide. This is a question I ask myself on a daily basis now, and not only for work.

Borivoj Vokrinek, Lecturer: Keep in touch. This professor truly showed me the power of networking. Adding to that, I built the confidence to directly contact figures in executive positions by showing my personality and not trying to fit someone else’s.

Jonathan Humphries: Speak your mind, just be bold. Don’t be shy, share your ideas. This is the greatest way of learning and it gives you the chance to make a change.”


Charlotte Desbonnet, French

Program name: Master’s in International Hospitality Business


“Every teacher brings experience in their own way. Mr. Fuchs, in H.R., has so many stories to teach the importance of taking care of employees. Pia in accounting will show you how numbers can be used in everyday life, and you will understand the importance of a good source with Mr. Senior. Each of them, in their own way, will give you advice for your career and teach you invaluable soft skills.”


“Glion has been a real life-changing experience that exceeded my expectations”


Nathan Ducarme, Belgian

Class of 2017 Alumnus


“Glion has been a real life-changing experience that exceeded my expectations. I’ve been traveling, I’ve met a lot of very interesting people, and it’s been great. I think that Glion is a very valuable school for anyone who is interested in hospitality and for anyone who is really looking for a life-changing experience.”


Grisha Davidoff, Mexican

Class of 2015 Alumnus


“I have to say that Glion gave me the skills not only to understand the hotel business, but also the entrepreneurial skills and the knowledge of how to make connections.”


Whether you study in Switzerland or London, the Glion student experience is like no other, and the lifelong community you’ll join is quite simply the world’s most powerful hospitality network. Ready to learn and live? Find the right Glion program for you.

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