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Bachelor student Pengfei Xiao wrote recently about why he chose Glion for his studies. Now he’s back with a short follow-up piece about the key decision faced by every final semester student: which specialization to choose?


In the last semester of our Bachelor’s degree at Glion, we can choose one of three specializations: Luxury Brand Strategy, International Hotel Development and Finance, or International Event Management

Each provides in-depth learning in a very different field, which is very helpful for such a diverse campus environment. After mastering most of the hotel-based knowledge, choosing different specialized ‘majors’ is a matter of personal preference for each student.

As students soon to graduate, we’ve already experienced three years of study and life, so everyone has a clear idea of their own preferences and direction. In addition to learning in the classroom, the work experience during our internships can also help us choose our preferences and direction more intuitively.

For me, the operating model of luxury brands has always been very interesting. I think this is very important for students who will not restrict themselves to the hotel industry after graduation. That’s because many luxury brands have operations which can also benefit from knowledge related to hospitality management; so the Luxury Brand Strategy major will be very helpful for students who are interested in this area.

Of course, the other two specializations are similarly targeted. For example, in semester 6, accounting and statistics is one of the very important courses. Many students are more inclined to work with numbers, so International Hotel Development and Finance will be the most suitable choice for them.

Any students who have interned in the department will know that a very important part of a hotel’s income comes from events and weddings. International Event Management will be the best choice for students who are interested in event planning and events management; not just in the hospitality arena but right across the spectrum, from music festivals to major sporting occasions.

So every student will face this choice of specialization as they head into their final semester. It’s an important moment, and I would advise you to take your time and really think about your interests, aims and ambitions, before choosing the major that’s best suited to delivering them!

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