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How hospitality is perfect for those with a passion for travel

If you aspire to a career that offers variety, excitement and the chance to travel the world, hospitality could be the perfect option. 

Travel and hospitality are inextricably linked. And with the right qualifications, ambition and passion, you can literally go a long way in the industry. In fact, you’ll be able to work anywhere in the world. 

In this article, we’ll look at the relationship between travel and hospitality, the best way of landing a role in it and how studying for a hospitality degree could be your passport to an exciting, jet-setting career.

Hospitality and travel

Hospitality is a broad term and the industry includes a wide variety of businesses and services, from conferences and cafés to high-end hotels and prestigious events. Wherever you look throughout the globe, there is a hospitality business that needs qualified personnel.

Industry growth has created a shortage of talent and hospitality businesses the world over have vacancies for roles at all levels. Demand for qualified, experienced people far outstrips supply, which is why now is such a good time to move into the industry.

The global nature of the industry means there are opportunities around the world, making it the ideal sector for those who love to travel. International hospitality businesses are always looking for people familiar with lots of different cultures, so having a passion for travel is viewed as an advantage in the industry and can help you towards success.

Is a hospitality degree a ticket to success?

You can go a long way in the hospitality industry by working your way up from entry-level positions, but by far the best way of securing senior executive roles and making yourself more attractive to employers is to study for a degree at a renowned institution.

What to look for in a hospitality degree

It’s important to make sure the degree you are considering teaches you all the fundamentals of hospitality. Look for degrees with sound academic basics that cover all the necessary topics, such as food and beverage, hotel operations and revenue management.

The better degree programs also give you the opportunity to specialize in certain subjects, such as finance and accounting, real estate management and marketing. What’s also important to consider when looking for a hospitality degree that will open doors — is the faculty. The best programs are taught by experts with real-world experience, so make a point of checking who will be teaching before you apply.

As with many things in life, when it comes to hospitality, it’s important to look for degree programs that give you the opportunity to put theory into practice.

Schools that offer internships, work experience and the chance to undertake practical studies are the best options. All these are valuable opportunities to travel, gain experience and make yourself more attractive to potential employers.

Internships especially are perfect for putting yourself in the shop window. They give you the opportunity to demonstrate your skills and work with people from many different backgrounds and levels, helping you develop valuable contacts that could prove vital when you are looking for your first role in the industry.

Hospitality degree program internships actively seek to broaden your horizons and introduce you to working in the real world with people from different nationalities and cultures. Unlike a standard business degree, which generally provides placements in the country where you are studying, hospitality programs offer incredible opportunities to see more of the world while you work.


“I have a clear goal within the luxury hospitality industry and I am dedicated to pursuing it, overcoming any challenges that may arise. This internship has provided me with the skills that are essential for my long-term professional goals. There is also such a strong and active Glion Alumni community based here, which provides new networking opportunities as well as job openings.”

– Iulia Baksha, Luxury Management and Guest Experience Master’s student

Studying at Glion

When travel is one of your drivers for working in hospitality, attending an institution with an international outlook can make a huge difference. Look for schools that have close, long-standing links with the industry too, as they are more likely to be able to place you in more interesting locations.

Our flagship campus nestled in the hills above Montreux

International relations

With campuses in Switzerland and London and strong connections with educational institutions in Marbella, Abu Dhabi, France, South Africa, India and China, Glion offers students a dizzying array of options for learning in locations across the globe.

Its two campuses in Switzerland are ideally situated at the centre of Europe and give students who study there plenty of options for international travel. Bachelor’s in International Hospitality Business student Mariia Krasnikova is someone who recognized this potential instantly.

“Switzerland has its own unique vibe, kind and helpful people, beautiful landscapes, several official languages and, of course, an incredible location,” she says. “I’m a keen traveler and I love being able to visit other countries within 20 minutes by car.”

Not only that, because of its outstanding reputation, Glion has forged close relationships with some of the most prized hospitality brands in the world. That means it can offer students exclusive internships and work placements with highly selective companies in practically any country in the world.

Many of the programs at Glion include business field trips to world-famous destinations too, which give students a real flavor of hospitality in action and are designed to show them all aspects of the business.

Cosmopolitan campus life

It’s little wonder the school attracts applications from aspiring hospitality professionals of all nationalities, something that contributes to a genuinely multicultural environment on campus. The campuses in Switzerland and London boast almost 100 nationalities studying during any given year.

This not only helps students learn about different cultures while they are undertaking their studies, it also enables them to form lasting friendships that open up even more opportunities to travel and in some cases work abroad.

Master’s student Edward Czarnecki, who is based at the London campus, says: “I chose Glion to continue my studies because, apart from having an unrivaled reputation and first-class facilities and tuition, it offers me the opportunity to learn in a cosmopolitan environment with people who share my passion for the industry in one of the world’s most multicultural cities.”

What does life look like at a Glion campus?

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A global outlook

Studying for a hospitality degree can open your mind to new horizons, offer work placements in international locations, and pitch you among students from all over the world. But these are not the only reasons why it’s a good path to take if your ambition is to travel.

Professional networks

Possibly one of the most valuable things you can do for your career is to develop a professional network that can help you get your foot in the door. Studying for a hospitality degree not only gives you the chance to work with people from around the world, it also introduces you to classmates and alumni who can unlock all sorts of opportunities.

The thriving Alumni Association of Glion (AAG) holds regular meet-ups and events around the world designed to bring graduates together, share experiences and develop professional networks. It is a great example of how a hospitality education can present you with openings you could only dream of if you chose to study something else.

Executive Master’s student Simon Joseph says: “The thing about studying with other people is you never know where they are going to end up, so sticking together is super important. The entire point of it is to create a network and see how it can help. That’s the power of alumni: putting Glion people, who we know are extremely well educated and will be able to deliver fantastic work, in good positions around the world.”

The AAG is not just an unofficial careers service either; many graduates call on alumni when traveling to different countries to like-minded people to hang out with and form friendships that last a lifetime.

Does a hospitality degree limit my options?

The beauty of a hospitality degree is that it is much more than the sum of its parts. Many of the skills you will acquire – including communication, customer service and problem solving – are transferable to other industries. So in many ways, your career options are wide open.

And crucially, despite what many people think, hospitality is not just about hotels. The industry is multi-faceted and encompasses many different types of business, including events organizers, entertainment companies and luxury retail houses.

The very best hospitality schools such as Glion also have bespoke careers services that encourage students to specialize according to their strengths. So if your skillset is more suited to brand management or you want to start your own business, a hospitality degree from a renowned institution such as Glion is still a great choice.

“Everything I’m learning here is fundamental to my future career, in particular the leadership management programs that teach both academic and soft skills. Some of the most important things I’ve learned are outside of the program, such as time management and getting involved with the community here. That’s been great for networking and to hone my leadership skills, which can only help me achieve my career aspirations.”

Victor Laursen – BBA

How hospitality could be the key to unlocking a world of travel

If your focus is on travel and your aim is to land a jet-setting career, hospitality could be the perfect enabler. Skilled, qualified and experienced hospitality professionals are in demand around the world – and not just in the hospitality industry – so there’s never been a better time to study for a hospitality degree.

What’s more, studying at a renowned institution such as Glion will not only give you the academic credentials to progress, it will also open your eyes to a whole raft of international careers and travel opportunities beyond your wildest dreams.

Costanza Maria Costa from Club Med explains why they hire Glion students to work at their global luxury resorts…

Unlock career success with a degree in the hospitality business

A hospitality degree from Glion blends practical skills, rigorous study, and global networking, making you highly employable in diverse industries

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