New Spa Profitability and Spa Operations online courses deliver an in-demand industry skillset

The global spa and wellness industry is growing almost twice as fast as the global economy, with $4.2 trillion spent by consumers between 2015-2017. Of all the wellness sectors, the spa industry is the revenue growth leader, jumping 9.8% over the same period. But in this market of opportunity, the majority of spa and wellness centers are behind the curve, lacking the skills to take advantage.

As society continues to become more health-aware, it also finds itself increasingly time poor. The result is a shift in user demands away from 45-minute treatments, and towards holistic restorative getaways. Offering more than simply room-based services, spa and wellness tourism creates wellbeing destinations and accounted for £600bn of industry spending between 2015-2017. It’s a growing trend, as generations of all ages, particularly Millennials, seek experiential moments of relaxation.

The expertise to transform a spa

To ensure professionals and organizations have the in-demand skills needed to meet the new needs of today’s spa customer, Glion has launched two online certificate courses. Developed in partnership with spa and wellness expert, Mariana Palmeiro, Maximizing Spa Profitability and Excellence in Spa Operations share industry-leading techniques, frameworks and insight, giving students career and business-boosting expertise in just 14 days.

Maximizing Spa Profitability

Designed for spa and hotel managers, investors and operators, this course gives learners the skills and tools needed to take advantage of increasingly complex spa user demands. Students will learn how to strategically raise profits while understanding how revenues and costs come together. Upon completion, participants will have a greater ability to influence business performance and drive results, particularly through the use of data to enhance the user experience.

Learning outcomes:
– Identify different revenue streams and cost structures in a spa and wellness center
– Effectively prepare and Interpret a spa budget
– Apply the most up-to-date profit and loss benchmarks in the industry
– Develop an effective Profit Management Plan
– Recognise the possible and most effective revenue management strategies in a spa

Excellence in Spa Operations

This course has been designed to specifically help General Managers, Operations Managers and Spa Managers meet new demands through a framework for organizational structure and staffing needs. Students will develop a systematic approach to the organisation of spas and wellness centers, learning from leaders in the industry. By the end of the course, participants will be able to identify revenue streams and use the latest yielding practices to maximize sales.

Learning outcomes:
– Describe the main SOP and standard policies in a wellness center
– Map the organization structure of a spa
– Analyse the main revenue generating areas in a spa and how to manage these effectively
– Develop HR practices and development / training needs in a spa
– Expand the wellness programs to the hotel operations and services

Turning problems into profit

Our two new online courses tackle headfirst the challenge facing spas to shift from purely treatments to a more holistic wellbeing experience, encompassing fitness, yoga, nutrition, sleep and mindfulness. Wellbeing consumers spent $4.2 trillion between 2015-2017, that’s over half the total spent on global healthcare. The rewards are there for spas that have the ability to seize new revenue opportunities and can restructure their business to take advantage.

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