New students arriving to London

Pre arrival information

Before Your Arrival

As a newly admitted student, you should read the official documentation that our Admissions Department included in your acceptance package. For further guidance, we have also created a New Student Checklist to help you better prepare to begin your studies.

Discover the New Student Checklist

Your First Weeks in London

To make sure that you have all the necessary information for your first few weeks on our London campus, we have put together a Pre-Arrival Information booklet. Find out all about the check-in process, what happens during the induction week, what it is like to live in London and how you can join any of the student committees upon your arrival.

Read the Pre-Arrival Information

Your Campus Guide

We want you to feel at home as soon as you set foot on campus. This is why we’ve prepared a Campus Directory as a guide to help you find the various facilities, contact any of the school departments and make use of all the student services we offer.

View the Campus Directory